Hashtag Life Blogging Membership Program

Welcome to the Hashtag Life Blogging Membership Program!

We’ve set up the blogging program to give talented, aspirational and determined writers the opportunity to explore the world, expand their horizons, build their portfolios, and benefit from the network, platform, outreach and expertise that Hashtag Life has to offer.

We are a luxury online magazine which places huge emphasis on editorial content away from the world of endless streams of personal thoughts which have taken over a large space in online content. We want our reviews and features to be personal, relate-able and enjoyable whilst also maintaining professional, well thought out, reliable content which gets to the core of the product or brand we have partnered with. The relationship we have built with our readers and subscribers is intentional: we want them to trust us, be inspired by us, and rely on us. If you feel that through your writing you would like to connect with people, whilst relaying your adventures, experiences and stories, then Hashtag Life is for you.

The Blogging Membership Program is an enrollment which will allow aspiring as well as established writers to benefit from the array of tools and opportunities Hashtag Life will curate. You are subscribing, along with a number of writers, to be able to benefit from:

  • Publication on Hashtag Life which has an audience of circa 300,000 via unique monthly hits, social media following and email subscribers combined.
  • Exclusive feature reviews on a number of subjects such as:
  • Gastronomy reviews at Top Restaurants around the world, whether this be in your home city, or whilst you are travelling. Last year we had the opportunity to dine at Nobu in Monaco and had a chat with Chef Nobu himself. We also like to catch the buzz on all upcoming and new foodie spots so it’s not just the Michelin Starred and renowned places but the up and coming ones too!
  • Travel reviews in cities around the globe. We run content campaigns throughout the year, meaning that we will have a list of cities which we wish to cover at certain times of the month which will be up for grabs by you if you would like to visit this city and cover the luxury resort, hotel or destination of choice. Similarly, we run off-cycle features meaning that if a writer wishes to travel to a specific city or continent, we will work with you to find a slot for this feature, and plan a luxury review to send you on. It doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Lifestyle and fashion pieces. We cover the Fashion Weeks in Milan, London, Paris and New York biannually. If fashion is your passion, and you are based or will be in any of these cities during the fashion weeks, we will send you to the shows which Hashtag Life wishes to cover (and maybe even some after parties!) and at times we will even be able to pair this with a travel review for you.
  • Most importantly of all, the Blogging Membership Program will provide you the access and exposure to build up your personal portfolio, contacts, outreach, digital footprint, and marketing and publicity experience via the opportunities we will create and manage for you, whilst providing mentorship and editorial guidance every step of the way. We will connect you with other bloggers on our membership program and run exclusive trips, events and meetings throughout the year which you can attend, socialise, exchange tips and experiences and network in! You will be a part of the Hashtag Life family.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy! All you have to do is select the membership option for you to get enrolled and started. Each membership provides the same level of access for the timeframe specified. Once you have signed up we will begin curating tailored and personalised features for you to embark on, depending on your location, skill-set, writing style, etc. We will not treat different membership levels preferentially. All members will also have access to our “Confirmed Features” page. This will involve a list of trips, or gastro/event features which we would like a writer for; on a first come first served basis, and subject to your eligibility, you can grab as many or as few of these opportunities a month. You can benefit from as many as one assignment a week, to one a month, depending on your schedule and workload.

Monthly Membership: £49.99

Yearly Membership: £399.99

Lifetime Membership: £899.99

We will only be granting twelve lifetime memberships because, as you can imagine, to be able to travel the world and produce luxury reviews for us indefinitely, is only sustainable for a handful of writers. This is only for the serious writer who is committed to perhaps making a career out of travel writing but lacks the opportunity and exposure to several of the places and experiences we would be able to curate for you.

So sign up now here, or email us if you have any questions, and get enrolled onto the opportunity which will change your lives – it certainly changed ours!