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 Welcome to Hashtag Life, the Luxury Lifestyle and Travel Magazine.


Dear Readers,

When I started #Life, I wanted to create an outlet that brought readers something tangible, information to their fingertips which not only captured popular trends, but also captured life. You see, when we are presented the tangible, in a way that we can familiarise ourselves with it, we stop watching life pass us by, or others live it the way we could only esteem to, and we dare to seize it ourselves.

This is what #Life brings to you. You will find the best selection of arts, culture, entertainment and luxury travel ideas, that any reader can relive and taste for themselves.

Luxury was always defined to me as a rarity which can only be afforded to some, the lucky ones. But then I learnt what it really meant. My previous editor had recently said “I wonder what people must think of your jet setting life (he meant men). I wonder if they get scared when they see you and think ‘caviar and oysters’ when really they’re secretly hankering for ‘chicken and chips.’ This struck a note with me at the time, because although I knew I came across as ‘caviar and oysters’, I would actually choose ‘chicken and chips’ any day. The more I thought about it, the more it bothered me, until I came to understand that whether its caviar or chips, is irrelevant. The one defining factor about my endeavours wasn’t the packaging, it was the quality. If you join me for caviar, you can bet your bottom dollar, it will be the best caviar. If we’re secretly hankering for comfort-chicken one evening, I will find you the biggest, juciest, damn chicken in town! For me, the luxury of life, has always been to experience everything it has to offer, at it’s best.

So #Life will bring you those very best experiences, and my promise to you, is that anyone who wants to, can experience the best.

#Life will make sure of it.


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