Chopard 2016 Red Carpet Collection

Chopard 2016 Red Carpet Collection
Poppy Delevingne wearing a necklace featuring 100 carats of sapphires and 44 carats of white diamonds by Chopard at the Chopard Gold party 2015

I recently read a title named Chopard’s Love affair with the Cannes Film Festival and what an affair it is; official partner of the festival since 1998 the brand has passionately and quintessentially embodied the glamour of the annual event, resulting in a unique partnership in 2007 to mark the 60th anniversary of the festival. This partnership was sealed through the introduction of: The Red Carpet Collection.

Intended to adorn the stars for their red carpet appearances, the creations stem from the imagination of Chopard Co-President and Creative Director, Caroline Scheufele. They take shape through a fascinating synergy between the various talents exercised within the House. Ancestral skills, cutting-edge techniques and well-documented research meet and mingle in attaining impressive heights of perfection and creativity.

The Red Carpet Collection unveiled each year at the Cannes Film Festival provides Chopard with a reoccurring opportunity to push beyond the limits of its haute joaillerie while expressing cherished values.

Worn by world-renowned actresses, models and celebrities on the famous steps of the Palais des Festivals, “Red Carpet” pieces draw as much from the exceptional creativity of the Swiss-based Maison as on its expertise in the field of High Jewellery. 

Karlie Kloss turned the Red Carpet “Green” by wearing the latest creation from Chopard’s Green Carpet Collection in 2014

Several Green Carpet creations gracing this collection feature stunning emeralds from Zambia and illustrate Chopard’s firmly rooted determination to combine ethics with aesthetics.

Each year Chopard challenges itself to increase the number of unique jewellery pieces created to match the number of Festival editions to date, the number of creations that emerge from the workshop grows by one each year. So the 69th iteration of the event will be celebrated with 69 extraordinary creations inspired by women and their magnificent aura. This year the grand jeweller celebrate the world’s most thriving reservoir of beauty and exuberance: The Age of Femininity.

Green Carpet necklace 819860-1001In praise of femininity

The 2016 collection sets the stage for flowing, supple, open worked designs based on rounded shapes. Evoking veils or lacework that gently caress the skin, it pays tribute to the graceful, voluptuous charm of women and highlights their feminine beauty. The collection focuses on the necklace, the ultimate adornment that accentuates the delicate lines of a décolletage and the silky softness of the skin whether it is draped with a spectacular necklace with matching earrings featuring a merry dance of daffodil yellow and white pear-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds or a delightful choker with slender diamond-set scrolling motifs.

Alongside rubies, sapphires, diamonds and emeralds of exceptional cut and quality, these necklaces also reveal the most unexpected gems. Black opals, fire opals and sculpted jade in turn enjoy their moment in the limelight. Testifying to this splendid range of colours is a superbly sensual tie-necklace composed of five rows of emerald beads hemmed by sapphires, rubellites, tsavorites, topazes and amethysts, setting the scene for a magnificent white opal.

Several creations also feature titanium, a solid yet light innovative material that ideally lends itself to majestic decors and atypical shapes. The use of this metal enables even more fanciful and daring touches in that it can be coloured in a wide range of hues, either vanishing beneath the finest gemsetting, or enhancing the radiance of the stones it holds. This alliance is admirably embodied in wide earrings inspired by a paisley motif and set with cabochon-cut sapphires, topazes as well as blue and orange sapphires.


A new stage in “The Journey”

Initiated by Chopard at the 66th Cannes Film Festival, The Journey to Sustainable Luxury has launched actions designed to foster the development of responsible luxury. Since then, a Green Carpet capsule collection has found its place within the Red Carpet collection. The Green Carpet High Jewellery creations by Chopard are crafted exclusively with Fairmined-certified gold – a label guaranteeing that gold has been mined and processed in compliance with environmental and ethical standards – and with diamonds sourced from the IGC group, which is certified by the RJC Code of Practices.

The appearance of coloured stones among the “sustainable” creations in the collection is a noteworthy development this year introduced under the guidance of Caroline Scheufele. Chopard has signed a unique partnership with the Gemfields group, a global leader in the mining of coloured stones. In an industry first, emeralds from Zambia will be fully validated by Eco-Age* through its Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) Principles of Sustainable Excellence. These gems are an example of international best practice in coloured gemstone mining, making an important contribution to the country’s sustainable development. For the first time, Chopard introduces responsible colored gemstones in its Green Carpet Collection, thereby creating totally ethical and traceable creations associating emeralds, diamonds from an RJC certified diamond trader and Fairmined 18-carat white gold.

Their peerless colours, their elegance and their delicacy make them one of Caroline Scheufele’s favourite stones. Based around these precious emeralds she has created an extremely elegant jewellery set composed of a ring, a necklace and earrings.

*Eco-Age is a brand consultancy specialising in sustainable solutions and Chopard’s partner in delivering the Journey to Sustainable Luxury.



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