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There are so many gifts out there for the feminine world, for some buyers its hard to know what to choose, and for others it's the issue of selecting that must-have off the vast year-long Santa's list! Hashtag Life has curated just a few of our top picks to inspire your shopping this year whether its for mum, sister, girlfriend, wife, or the many friends!



It is only proper that a luxury Gifts for Her Christmas guide starts with the recommendation on the best luxury jewellery! Whether you’re searching for that all important diamond proposal ring, or a special piece for a loved one then The Diamond Store London has all your needs. 

There are 1000s of jewellery pieces to choose from on their website, and prices start from as low as £150 for silver plated jewellery to the high thousands for 18k gold plated jewellery with the choice of diamonds, emeralds, ruby, sapphires or semi-precious gemstones. 

You can search at ease, find inspiration from their themed collections, watch videos for each item, and they even offer 30 days returns and 0% finance. 




Dear Dahlia is a luxury vegan and cruelty free makeup brand from Korea. This brand will make a perfect addition to any stockfiller’s needs. We are particularly in love with the amazing lipstick shades, from deep matt berry reds to bright luscious peaches and pretty pinks. This brand will surely get most girls as excited as us. The products are all encased in signature beautiful hexagonal marbled packaging, which is very Instagram worthy.

The formulas for their lip colours of this brand provides both style and substance. You can choose from Matt to Satin. Particular favourites for the Christmas festive season has to be Stella and Ruby. Ruby is a deep red while Stella is a solid fuschia.

All the Dear Dahlia range is available to purchase online in US, Asia, and Europe. In the UK, shop at Feel Unique.



Hashtag Life loves Icelandic brand BIOEFFECT especially the EGF Serum. This brand was co-founded by three scientists, including Dr Björn Örvar. Their research took over a decade, until they discovered a way to bioengineer a plant-based human replica of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) in barley plants. EGF is one of the most important growth factors for skin, helping to boost production of collagen and elastin to maintain healthy, dense and youthful skin. BIOEFFECT EGF Serum minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, revives the skin’s complexion and restores its youthful radiance, as well as delivering hydration.

EGF ESSENTIALS Skincare Gift Set ~ £100.00

A gift from BIOEFFECT will make any maturing skincare lover feel fantastic and glowing as the new year rolls in! For Christmas, BIOEFFECTS has prepared different gift sets to suit every budget and skin need.

We particularly like the EGF Essentials Skincare Set, the perfect everyday routine with the EGF Serum and two additional luxury samples of EGF Day Serum and EGF Essence. You can view here and purchase directly on their website.

Limited Edition 10 Year Anniversary EGF Serum ~ £316.00

The brand is also celebrating the 10-year anniversary of BIOEFFECT and have at the moment the hero product EGF Serum in a Limited Edition. It is three times the size and features double the EGF concentration in an exclusive bottle, custom-sculpted, and designed by renowned Icelandic-born, Brooklyn-based artist, Shoplifter. Available to purchase for £395 but currently on special promotion for £316 here.



Transformulas® Marine Miracle Cream, 50ml ~ £69.00

We are so excited to have Transformulas® as part of this gift guide because we tried just a few of the brand’s products, and now we want the whole range for Christmas. So it is only right for you to get in too.

Transformulas® is a British cosmeceutical brand, founded by beauty entrepreneur Rosi Chapman, and  specialises in anti ageing & skin care products, and their brand ethos is to provide “beauty without surgery” formulas. That means you can take control of how you improve the deeper layers of your skin and give yourself real radiance, rather than rely on cosmetic procedures to fix the surface for that temporary ‘filter’ look. 

Transformulas® has just the star product to get your skin feeling and look much healthier. It’s called the Marine Miracle Creamwhich we had the pleasure of trying out. In fact we were so impressed by the texture and feel on the face that it is definitely set to rival its competitors, not just for its price but most importantly due to its natural healing benefits. 

The Marine Miracle Cream contains Algea, Sea Kelp, Sea Salt Extracts and the key ingredients and compounds are all based on sea marine science. The cream has a velvety and luxurious feel to it, lightweight and not oily. As soon as you apply the cream to the face you can instantly feel it being absorbed and getting to work beneath the skin. At first you should use it everyday in the morning and at night, but after a couple of weeks you may feel it is perfect as an intensive night cream that can be left uninterrupted to work whilst you sleep. We promise you (or the person who you buy this for as a gift!) will wake up with a fresh, smoother, plumped and ultra-hydrated skin. Some of our  favourite Transformulas gift ideas include:

FLAWLESS Flawless Gift Set, £90.00

FLAWLESS PHOTOGLOW SPF 30+, 50ml  £55.00

The Flawless Photoglow Daily Moisturiser protects skin against UV rays and environmental aggressors. SPF creams are an essential part of daily skin care, and the ultimate complexion transformer. It  also contains anti-aging ingredients, and anti-oxidants for essential daily skin protection while moisturising, rejuvenating and restoring skins natural radiance. Also, it contains Illumiscin helps prevent pigmentation and protect skin against skin discolouration and age spots.

FLAWLESS Eye Wakeup Recovery Serum, 17.5ml £34.00

The Flawless Wakeup restorative Serum is perfect eyecream to use alongside the Flawless Photoglow Daily Moisturiser, for anyone who suffers from dark circles or “puffy” eye bags. This serum is lightweight and absorbs instantly into the delicate eye area. It contains Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration, Eyeseryl to decongest and depute the eye and in particular under-eye. Thirdly, it contains D-Pathenol (a vitamin B5 derivative) which regenerates the delicate skin to smooth and refresh.

These Transformulas Flawless products are currently available to purchase as a gift set along with the FLAWLESS Eye Retouch Instant Perfector pen for a special price of £90.00, making it a fantastic gift choice!



CHĀMPO Limited Edition Festive Bundle ~ £70.00

CHĀMPO is one of our Editor’s most favoured haircare system, and you can see our previous review here. Joanna ritually uses the CHĀMPO Kapha range because that is her hair “dosha”, and specifically helps to balance hair that tends to become greasy at the roots and dry at the ends. It’s perfect for use on coloured hair because it is completely formulated with natural Auyverdic products. The rich formulas contain some of nature’s most formidable actives, meaning a smaller amount achieves the condition, manageability and shine you desire. CHĀMPO have created special gift sets for this Christmas that will be the perfect wellness treat for her. 

In order to purchase the correct hair care range, we recommend you take the “dosha” quiz here. It takes less than a couple of minutes and then you’re set to go shop!

The full range of CHĀMPO products can be found on their website, including the Limited Edition gift sets.



BEAUTY BIO offers the first at-home patented microneedling tool and gem-stone rollers, taking away those “lunchtime treatments” and placing the control right into your own hands. BEAUTY BIO combines their technology with complementary and bestselling topicals, you can boost the efficacy of your skincare by up to 200%. 

The brand has become a favourite with global beauty experts thanks to its honest formulas and results-driven devices. We are so exciting to showcase the Founder’s Faves Set as one of our favourite BEAUTY BIO Christmas gift sets. 

Beauty Bio Founder's Fave Gift Set, £650.00 from

Do some research and you will be asking yourself how does BEAUTY BIO CEO, Jamie O’Banion, achieves her natural glow? The answer can be discovered in the Founder’s Faves gift set, inspired by her favourite products that are clinically proven to firm, fade wrinkles and enhance the complexion’s health and luminosity. Start with the brand’s award-winning GloPRO microneedling tool to restore volume from the inside out; by day, use the vitamin C-based formula to protect and repair, and by night, rely on vitamin A for an awakened, smoother visage by morning. 

Founder’s Faves also comes with two micro needling heads, one for the face area and one for the eye. Additional parts, such as for the body or the rose quartz, can be bought separately and used on the same device! 

The gift set also includes essentials such as The Cleanser and The Ultimate Hydrating Cream. Our two favourite Beauty Bio products that compliment the microneedling technology are The Daily Intensive Vitamin Cocktail Serum and The Quench Restoring Quadralipid Cream.

  • The Daily is a proprietary combination of a HyperVitamin compound to dramatically boost skin’s antioxidant levels. It helps shield against daily free radical damage, creating a barrier to lock in key actives and even skin tone.
  • The Quench sells out all the time, but luckily it is included in this gift set. Immediately repairing the complexion’s most critical protective barrier five minutes after application! The nutrient-rich ingredients improve tone, texture and hydration, while targeting dryness and fine lines.
BEAUTY BIO also offers other gift set options, as well as some limited edition tree decoration gifts that will surely brighten up any Christmas tree!

BEAUTY BIO is available to purchase at a number of stockists, including their websiteHarrodsCult Beauty, or Current Body.



Subtle Energies Ayurveda Aromatherapy

Subtle Energies boasts over 25 years of clinical research, and are internationally renowned for their results-based aromatherapy, natural skincare and wellness solutions founded on authentic Ayurveda principles. The product range and treatments at Subtle Energies’ are created with intent to address multiple skin and body concerns, whilst delivering high performance results empowering one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. All products are made in Australia following European standards of natural skincare to create safe, ethical and effective products.

This holiday season Subtle Energies has chosen to offer a combination of gifting options that will help to restore balance for those that have felt the extra pressures of stress and anxiety and also those that need to reenergise and re-boot their systems. 

Rasayana Detox & Adrenal Program Gift Set ~ £203.00


In Ayurveda, Rasayana is the Sanskrit term for rejuvenation, promoting longevity. The Rasayana formula has a fresh, energising citrus aroma with a spicy undertone. This gift set is beneficial for reducing the appearance of cellulite and toning the body. The ingredients include Indian Lime for uplifting and reviving the senses, a natural purifier. There is also Tulasi or ‘Holy’ Basil, which is known to be a powerful detox agent that cleanses, strengthens, energises and provides warmth to the skin. Both actives work to alleviate adrenal stress, awakening the senses. There is also Wild Turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties and this works to reduce cellulite and tone the skin. Using the oil blend in conjunction with body wash, scrub and inhalation patch will provide effective enhancement during and post detox program.  

A truly wonderful gift to give a sister or mum. It’s perfect for the days after Christmas and New Year, or for those you know deserve some pampering and wellbeing care and attention. 



Sachajuan Intensive Repair Haircare Range, photo credit: Sachajuan

Sachajuan has become one of the most sought after and well-known hair care range. The Swedish brand’s entire range is formulated with the best ingredients (and the most luxurious scents) to always putting your hair and scalp health first. 

For Christmas, Sachajuan have prepared a limited edition collection of haircare gift sets, which means you can give your loved one a salon-like treat that their hair probably deserves after all the lockdown madness. 

Sachajuan has hair care products to cater for all hair types or concerns, and their products don’t just stop at shampoo, mask, conditioner and hair oil. They also offer a range of healthy styling and finishing products, as well as hair mists and perfumes, and even some body cleansers and oils. 

Here are a couple of our picks to start you thinking about which Sachajuan haircare products you and your loved ones need:

Sachajuan Scalp Range

The renowned Stockholm duo Sachajuan have formulated an excellent alternative to commercial anti-dandruff products that normally reek medicinal. The Scalp range of shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair clean and fresh and that cares for irritated, scale-prone scalps. This daily shampoo utilises an expertly blended selection of ingredients to soothe and maintain your body’s moisture balance. It contains anti-fungal ingredients to provide a treatment that is less toxic than the conventional coal-tar based flake-fighting alternatives. A supporting cast, meanwhile, of rosemary oil, menthol, salicyclic acid and ginger soothes and nourishes, leaving your scalp healthier, happier and fragrant. This shampoo also contains salicylic acid which helps to unclog hair follicles.

Sachajuan Intensive Care Range

Anyone who suffers from sun exposure, styling tools, bleaches and dyes needs the Sachajuan Intensive Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, and the amazing Hair Oil. This range contains a powerful formula that works to rehydrate weak strands and protect them from future damage. The shampoo is ideal for hair that feels porous, dry or hard to control, or which breaks off and splits easily. It also contains the brand’s special Ocean Silk Technology, which combines a blend of marine algae extracts for a healthy, soothed scalp.

Sachajuan hair care range and limited edition gift sets are available to purchase from, and at multiple international stockists.



Authentic Beauty Concept, aka ABC, is one of the most recent launches from Henkel, the German consumer and industrial group. 

Authentic Beauty Concept is a must-buy gift for the modern generation girl, who want something authentic and that will treat hair with kindness and “no filter” attitude. The sucess of the brand is primarily because it offers a line of vegan, clean, and cruelty-free products inspired by authenticity. What you see on the list of ingredients is what you get, and the formulas are 100% pure. ABC promises to use premium ingredients that are preserved during their extraction and distillation process. That means the products keep their natural cleansing and conditioning properties.

Every product they make is not only only certified vegan, but is free from microplastics, mineral oil, parabens, silicone, and artificial colorants. And, they have a sustainable approach to creating their products by working with free-trade initiatives, for example supporting local Indian Guar gum farms and the farmers.

This Christmas, ABC has created gift sets based on three out of their four haircare categories, and these are the ultimate pamper sets!

Hydrate Gift Set

Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish Gift Set ~ £57.00

The super nourishing properties of maple and pecan nut extracts fortify damaged hair, giving it the right food to restore shine and strength. It contains maple and pecan nut, which is known for nourishing, soothing and moisturising (thanks to pecan nuts having a high amounts of Vitamin E), as well as being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Glow Gift Set

Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate Gift Set ~ £57.00

The Hydrate set is perfect as the ultimate hair-care nourishment and self-care needed during cold winter. Combining the antioxidant properties of mango and the soothing, purifying properties of basil to create the perfect hydrating formula to regenerate and revitalise hair.

Replenish Gift Set

Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Gift Set  ~ £57.00

The Glow range uses date and cinnamon as the perfect ingredient extracts to enhance coloured hair, making it glow in a beautifully natural way.

Authentic Beauty Concept is stocked internationally at multiple salons and online retailers. You can check your local stockist online.



KAYALI fragrances by the Kattan sisters, Huda and Mona Kattan, have been so popular over the last two years that some scents have sold out over and over again. 

We particularly love Déjà Vu White Flower, perfect for the glam-lovers. The limited edition gift contains a 50ml eau de perfume bottle and a hair mist, to give that extra special feel on those (hopefully) party nights out. The entire collection of KAYALI scents so addictive you might have to buy for a few girlfriends, and maybe one for you too! 

You can pick up KAYALI online at Huda Beauty online, Harvey Nichols, Feel Unique, Cult Beauty and many more!

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