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Every home deserves a Vitamix. Pictured here is our favourite A3500i model, available online for £675.00, and at John Lewis and other approved stockists.A regular blender does just what the name implies: blends. On the other hand, Vitamix manages to cook it while it blends, and quickly, too. Blend for two minutes and your ingredients will have been reduced to a perfect, smooth purée. The Vitamix is so powerful that the soup will actually get hot (not just warm) while it blends. No need to transfer to a sauce pot to bring it to temperature. To cook a soup you just need to throw in the vegetables, broth and ingredients in and let the machine work its magic. 

A Vitamix blender has become an essential family friend and necessary addition to every kitchen. It creates healthy hot and cold dishes, without losing the nutritional value of the ingredients. The speed means cooking time is fast, and family friendly. There are handy Vitamix books with recipes to inspire how you use your machine. We for one can’t wait to make our own nut milks as part of our healthy January!



Vorwerk, Thermomix TM6 ~ £1,149.00

Every home needs to have the means to be comfortable – its an ordinary part of life. This year has shown us that the kitchen and all the tricks of cooking have become even more important to our everyday life. One of the most web-searched kitchen cooking devices is the Thermomix®, so Christmas it the perfect time to make those wishes come true! 

A brand new, updated version of the ultimate multi-functional kitchen appliance is Thermomix® TM6, which provides the optimal smart-home solution for cooks of all abilities. The revolutionary Thermomix® TM6 has stunned all cooks into wonder and hassle-free cooking.

The Revolutionary Thermomix® TM6

Thermomix® has the popular functions such chopping, weighing, cooking, steaming, simmering and emulsifying, stirring, mixing, grinding, kneading, whisking. In addition, the upgraded TM6 machine also offers a kettle function, blending, fermentation, sous-vide, pre-clean and sugar stages providing the freedom of completely hassle-free cooking. So home-made jams, check, home-made keffir yoghurt, double check! 

The innovative programming allows recipes to be shown on a massive screen, and the machine to be programmed by time, temperature, cooking function, and blade-speed accordingly. The machine will prompt you through the stages of the recipe, cueing when to add new ingredients and even helping you measure each addition. It’s the sous-chef, which knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it – without getting anything wrong or hovering over your shoulder and getting in your way while you cook! 

The machine comes with a vast universe of recipes, developed in-house, which pairs with it’s expansive cooking functions, brings home a new relationship with cooking, planning, and meal-prepping. Cutting down on cooking time, creating ease and efficiency, and reducing clutter, will make you fall in love with the new way of cooking that the Thermomix brings to your kitchen.

So whether for a kitchen connoisseur or budding-enthusiast, if you are thinking of something to get the mum, dad, sister, wife or hubby who has everything, the Thermomix is one thing we truly believe no kitchen is complete with out. We will be adding one to our office and testing out their thousands of recipes – so come along on the journey and get cooking the revolutionary new way with us, the Thermomix way!



The best Christmas morning is to wake up to the smell of fresh ground coffee. To that end, we are obsessed with Melitta® coffee and machines. We have two coffee machines to share with you in this Gift Guide.

The Avanza®

If you’re interested in a bean to coffee machine then look no further than the Melitta® Avanza®, which boasts an impressive design and equally impressive features. The control panel across the top of the machine makes it even easier to prepare your coffee. There is a built in grinder that is especially quiet, and the new Melitta® Easy Cappuccinatore makes it simple to prepare latte macchiato or cappuccino by frothing the milk (or milk alternative) for you. You can choose the amount of water to coffee, choose to pour for one or two cups, all simply by pressing a couple of buttons. Thanks to the extra-large water tank and bean container, you can easily serve delicious coffee to your party group, and show off your new appliance. 

Melitta Avanza Bean to Coffee, £499.00

The Avanza® is one of the smallest fully automatic coffee machines on the market, yet impresses with its functions, features and appearance. One further important aspect of the Avanza, true to all Melitta machines, is that the pressure applied to produce the espresso ensures the coffee maintains its velvety taste with out any bitter or burnt aftertaste. Melitta has ensured there is a ideal contact time between water and coffee beans to allow the flavours to unfold better, a difference you can taste with every cup. 

Avanza® by Melitta® is available via RRP: £499.99

Melitta® EPOS®

If you are not into the froth of cappuccinos and lattes, nor shots of espresso, then why not consider the Melitta® EPOS®, the brand’s first electric Pour Over system.

Melitta® EPOS® turns each second into a sensational experience. From the aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans to the first sip. 

The machine has its integrated grinder to make the coffee as delicious as if your brewed it by hand, just like the olden days.  “Blooming” is the most important part of this special way of preparing coffee: to begin with, you only dampen the coffee lightly with the water and allow it to bloom before pouring over more water. This allows the roasting gases to be released in an ideal way, coffee extraction is improved and the flavour can develop fully. The result is a full-bodied coffee flavour.

The pleasure of coffee is simply yours at the touch of a button. And it is also a visual treat.

The Melitta® EPOS® is available via RRP: £299



Our favourite gift recommendation for this year is the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, as the must-have gift for that special someone who has proven themselves to be your “Baker of the Year” in 2020. How many of us took to baking as a new found therapy during the lockdowns, only to realise that our mixer was too old, our blender wasn’t good enough, and our juicer (well we won’t even share that terrible experience).  Whether you’re looking for a high power blender for the health conscious green smoothie lover, a multi-function appliance for the busy cook, or a versatile attachment for someone who already owns the iconic KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, there’s bound to be an appliance or attachment in Kitchen Aid range to suit. In fact, Kitchen Aid has over 95 years of experience in the kitchen arena, and has been a favourite brand to many households across the world. When you give a gift from KitchenAid you know you’re giving your loved one a present of cutting edge design and innovative technology that’s strong, reliable and versatile. There is a choice of appliances, ranging from kettles, toasters, blenders, or of course the stand mixer. Each product comes in a variety of colours and finishes to suit every home and interior.
The latest KitchenAid Stand Mixer 4.8L in Pebbled Palm, available with stainless steel bowl, £599.00
Available with a gold metallic finish bowl £599.00

The KitchenAid 4.8L Stand Mixer is available in Pebbled Palm (pictured above), a dusky dark green with a textured finish. The attachment bowl can be purchased either with a hand-crafted stainless-steel quilt effect bowl or a Gold Metallic finish. Standard accessories include a flat beater, dough hook and wire whisk – all you need to create festive showstoppers from Christmas Cake, marzipan filled Stollen and pavlova, to mincemeat, sweet and savoury pasty for cheese straws and sausage rolls.

For even more versatility there are 15 optional, dishwasher-safe, extras enabling everything from slicing, grating, mincing, chopping and peeling, to juicing and spiralizing. There are also tools to prepare fresh pasta and the dual purpose transparent pouring shield allows a clear view of what’s happening in the bowl while making it easy to add ingredients without splashing. 

The entire collection can be viewed and purchased on the KitchenAid website



Every home needs a comfortable bed, which in itself requires the best mattress, pillows and quilts. The solution is TEMPUR®. 

In fact, TEMPUR® Material is based on technology created by NASA in the 1960s, originally engineered as pressure-relieving seats for spaceflight. The NASA material had high-energy absorption and soft memory-like properties to make sitting down as comfortable as possible for the astronauts. By 1990s, TEMPUR’s Swedish founders developed the original material and subsequently launched to the market the first ‘memory foam’ mattresses and pillows.  Over the years, TEMPUR® has been awarded multiple accolades, and have been responsible to giving the world’s a better sleep each night.

It is only right that we choose TEMPUR® as a must-have for every home this Christmas, and we particularly love the variety of pillows to help your lobed ones sleep well and wake up feeling fresh. 

TEMPUR® Ergonomic Pillows 

The Ergonomic pillows are shaped for specific sleeping positions to help relieve discomfort in your head, neck and shoulders. These are available in 3 different sizes, and are perfect for those who need osteopathic support in the head and neck area, or those who prefer extra support to prevent discomfort in the head, neck and shoulders. These pillows also suit anyone who normally sleeps on their back. TEMPUR® offers customers a 30 day trial period, which is great for anyone new to the ergonomic shape or the TEMPUR® material.

TEMPUR® Classic Pillows

The Classic range are designed to fit standard pillow cases but with all the benefits of TEMPUR®. These pillows are filled with specially developed TEMPUR® micro-cushions, and are available in 3 different feels: soft, medium and firm. We love these traditional pillows because whilst they look ‘normal’ they have huggable and shapeable qualities to enable your head to be comfortable whether you sleep on your back, front or side. They come with a cover featuring a discreet zip, which is also washable at 60°C. 

TEMPUR® is available at and offers free UK delivery and returns, and also at multiple stockist such as John Lewis.




Red Light Rising is a brand passionate about health and wellbeing. The brand is all about red light therapy products, based on vast research and studies on “Photobiomodulation” (PBM). Red light therapy is proven to benefit the body in many ways. It has incredible powers and can really enhance people’s quality of life. Whether your goal is to have glowing and younger looking skin maximise recovery from workouts, have increased energy levels, or to improve circadian rhythm and deeper sleep cycles.

PBM can really help you achieve these goals and many, many more. The benefits go on and on, and the research is too vast to be included in a Christmas gift guide. 

How about some protective eyewear from Red Light Rising?

Well, they say Christmas is the time for giving – and this gift from Red Light Rising is ultra unique and perfect as a thoughtful wellbeing gift.

The Blue Blocking Eyewear is more than just a cool fashion statement; it is the easiest biohack you can implement into your daily life to give you potentially massive gains. The reason for wearing these coloured lenses is to filter out the sleep damaging effects of artificial light, which we are inundated with in our modern lives.

You see, modern lighting and devices are very bright, which is very useful for finding lost items underneath the sofa or scrolling through Hashtag Life’s Instagram page!

Most of us spend way too much time in this artificial light. Think about it, and ever increasing as bright 6000w LED spotlights are now the norm. This increased brightness in our life is much higher in blue light, which after hours of exposure can have detrimental effect on your skin, brain and body health. 

NIGHTPro in "Nyx - God of Night" style ~ £75.00
DAYPro in "Nyx - God of Night" style ~ £75.00
DayPRO – Designed to be worn during the afternoon to protect you from excessive junk light, or help align your circadian rhythm while travelling through different time zones.  These lens can help protect you from eye strain, headaches, anxiety and a number of conditions caused from excessive blue light.

NightPRO – Designed to be worn in the 2-3 hours before bed to optimise your hormones for sleep and recovery with immediate results.  Get your best night sleep and maximise your sleep, recovery, and performance. Protect your sleep and recovery while still allowing you to relax while watching Netflix or looking at your mobile phone. 



Photo Credit: Nixplay

Have you every wished you could spend Christmas with family and other loved ones if it weren’t for the distance that keeps you apart? Well, this year that longing will be felt by many more families across the world due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions and the impact on travel and social mixing. But Hashtag Life has found the perfect way to enjoy your loved ones, and we promise it’s not another Zoom Christmas-themed party.

In fact, we’re talking about Nixplay, created by Mark Palfreeman back in 2007, who wanted there to be a way for families to stay connected, privately, wherever they may be. Now Nixplay have launched next-generation smart frames with built in wifi and privacy settings.

The Next-generation Smart Frame

Christmas is an example of one occasion when you snap away and capture 100s of photo using your smartphone or camera. Those photos then remain saved in your photo album (and the cloud), possibly with a few making it onto social media. However, that’s no fun when you want to enjoy memories old and new! Nixplay allows you the opportunity to showcase any photo, privately and securely, on any Nixplay smart photo frame, and share your photos with others to broadcast on their own Nixplay. You can choose from a number of sizes and capabilities to make sure your Nixplay gift is enjoyed by all.

Nixplay Smart Photo Frame 9.7 inch (Wi-Fi) ~ Currently on offer £188.99 instead £269.99

Nixplay Smart Photo Frame 9.7 inch, with Wi-Fi

We love the latest smart photo frame from Nixplay because it has so much to offer. Some of its features are:
  • Extremely sharp resolution of 2048×1536 2K IPS display with 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Comes with the ability to be free-standing or wall-mounted.
  • A distinct and clean design, with a modern finish frame
  • Gives you full control with the Nixplay App (iOS & Android), Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Works with Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Magnetic Remote included
  • Can play videos!
  • One tree seed planted for every Nixplay Smart Frame sold!

The photos display illuminated and brightly, and the transitions are super smooth and professional, it’s like having a privately curated exhibition of your photos. It brightens up the room and pictures look absolutely crisp and stunning. To be honest I can’t think of a downside, if you love pictures and want to display them beautifully then it’s perfect.

The mobile app is fantastic and helps you share our best photos and moments together. The web interface is also excellent and easy to use, especially when organising multiple photo albums. 

All Nixplay frames are available to purchase on as well as Amazon UK




One of our most exciting travel-inspired gift recommendations for all the family this Christmas comes in the form of Pocketalk. 

The Pocketalk S is the latest sleek translation device created by SourceNext, originally made for Japanese tourists, and now used worldwide! It is portable, handy and efficiently translates speech or text into 82 languages, making it what any traveller, tourist, or budding linguist has been looking for! Pocketalk S translates languages bi-directionally at the touch of a button.

It’s got a built-in SIM, a text-to-translate camera, a bigger touch screen, noise-cancelling microphones and two high-quality speakers plus a useful conversion feature. Put simply, this is an AI-powered instant voice translation device.

Pocketalk S ~ £249.00
Pocketalk W ~ £99.00

Why Hashtag Life will always take Pocketalk S on travels?

  • It utilises the best translation engines to translate accurately, even including local dialects and slang (so it’s great for all us Brits).
  • It’s great to use with strangers, friends and family but can even come in handy for more professional settings and business meetings.
  • It easily translates voice conversations, but also it has a text-to-translate camera which instantly recognises and translates text, the written word and signs – ideal if you need help reading menus or are trying to explore new cities and can’t understand any signs!

When we all get travelling again it will make for the handiest companion – but why not start right here at home, especially for anyone learning a new language this year? With so many uses, the Pocketalk is definitely a versatile gift for any recipient! Purchase come with 30 day moneyback guarantee and 2 years warranty.

Pocketalk S is available to purchase for £249.00 from



The ION-Sei Sonic Ionic Electric Toothbrush is a joint Japanese-German brand, and is aimed at fashionable, trendsetter people, and the families who demand more holistic and cutting-edge health. You get the Japanese technology and the German design – it really doesn’t get better than this when coming up with a gift for the avid dental hygiene person you might know!  

The ION-Sei toothbrush comes in a handy ergonomic and lightweight product design that’s perfect for travelling with, and will fit into any handbags or briefcase for those always on the go. 

The most amazing feature about the ION-Sei is that it offers a different way of cleaning to most of the electric brushes on the market, in that you don’t need to use toothpaste! 

ION-Sei Sonic Ionic Toothbrush, Moon Grey ~ £129.99 available from Amazon UK

So why no toothpaste, as you must be wondering? 

Well, in short, the answer is because the well-established research and Japanese technology says so! In fact, the product is based on the age-old physics principle of “like charges repel”, which is known as ionic charge. The ION-Sei toothbrush conductor features a titanium dioxide bar, to which the brush head fits on to. The brush head also features an ultra-violet light. Then when you switch the ION-Sei on, the light and titanium dioxide bar work in tandem to produce ions (aka an electrical charge). These ions suppress bacterial growth. Ion-Sei simultaneously uses the patented technology to ensure plaque microbes are negatively charged, which in effect causes the microbes to bounce away. You can also add the black brush head to enhance the bacteria killing properties of the ION-Sei, which uses bristles that include silver ions and Bincho charcoal. The bristles have antibacterial properties, suppressing the growth of bacteria on the brush head, when not in use.

ION-Sei Sonic Ionic Toothbrush, in Lake Blue and Day White

Other Features

  • The toothbrush vibrates at 31,000 strokes per minute.
  • There are 3 choices of brushing modes: sensitive, standard and deep-clean
  • it has a built in 2-min reminder
  • It comes with 2 different brush heads, but you can also purchase additional different heads depending on your dental needs
  • It comes with a micros USB charger
  • Available in a choice of body colours: moon grey, day white, lake blue.
ION-Sei Sonic Ionic Toothbrush, £129.99 is available from, Amazon UK, Harrods, and Selfridges.



Lindt Chocolatier needs no introduction – Christmas and Lindt are synonymous – and from 1 December when every child (and adult) start their Advent Calendar, Lindt chocolates make everyone feel happy inside. Whatever your chocolate taste buds call for, Lindt has you covered for the whole of the festive season whether your eating chocolate at home, or visiting friends and taking a box of chocolates along with you. 

There are a variety of Christmas chocolate gift boxes to treat family and friends with, starting with the Lindor Advent Calendars and even some Christmas Teddy for the children too.

There are a variety of stocking fillers and larger gift boxes that are just so very scrumptious!

Here are our favourite picks this year available on the Lindt website:

  • Assorted Lindor Christmas Box ~ £15.00
  • Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffles ~ starting from £4.99 for 200g 
  • Dark Chocolate Truffles ~ starting from £4.99 for 200g 
  • Lindt Truffes de Luxe ~ £22.00 (also available in non-alcoholic)

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