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At Hashtag Life we have a thing for food and drink hampers, any time of the year, whether fresh or pantry, sweet or savoury!! So know there is no better experience than opening the lid of a wicker basket & delving inside through the shredded paper to see what surprises lie inside. That is to say, we know what’s naughty and what’s nice when it comes to gift boxes and hamper, so we’re starting this Gift Guide with the ones we believe are worthy to be on your gift list! 

Lastly, every meal must start and end with some chocolate right? It is Christmas after all; So we’ve included our favourite brand, Willie’s Cacao in this Guide just to make sure you don’t forget to gift your loved ones, or just stock up for yourself!



Above all, we are so excited by the Christmas selection of hampers and gift boxes by Macknade. 

Macknade has an established and much loved food hall in Faversham and a new site in Ashford, Kent. They also have an extensive online offering of hampers, subscription boxes and gifts available for delivery nationwide. With heritage from both Italy and Kent, they are perfectly positioned to bring us some of the best products from Italy. This would make the perfect gift for someone that loves Italy, food, travel or cooking. Their entire collection of hampers, fresh produce boxes, and wine boxes offer the finest and highest quality of produce, making it a perfect gift for friends, family or corporate clients. 

For example, if you’re looking for a themed hamper this season then choose the Macknade Italian Christmas Hamper, priced at £150, and available online here. That is to say, it’s packed with a hand-picked selection of produce that is always found at the heart of a festive Italian Christmas gathering. In fact, the Italians know how to put tasty food at the heart of their celebrations, so it is no surprise that most UK households now imitate the Italian way. For example, where would our Christmas spirit be without sharing a wedge or two of Pannatone? And where would our festive cheer be without some Prosecco to start things off?

Macknade Christmas Italian Hamper, £150.00 ~ available to order online

Macknade Italian Christmas Hamper

Italian Hamper is packed in a wicker basket with all of the following produce:

  • Seggiano Classic Panettone
  • Pistachio Aragostine
  • Bertiol Italian Prosecco
  • Mostarda Sperfari
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Manaresi Ground Coffee
  • Soft Nougat
  • Italian Wild Flower Honey
  • Panforte Margerita
  • Chocolate Ammeretti
  • Almond Biscotti
  • Pastificio deli Colle Bow Ties
  • Trappeto Di Caprafico
  • Olio Olive Oil
  • Eugenia Amaretti Biscuits
  • Antika Truffles 

In short, you can place your order online, or contact Sales via email to, or call them on 01795534497. The lovely team are ready to assist you in any gift enquiries, or discuss any bespoke gift services.



Dart’s Farm, based in Topsham, Devon, is well-known for its fresh and quality produce of the highest provenance. Therefore it will be no surprise that their Christmas hamper and gift selection makes it onto this Gift Guide! , They have a wonderful hamper service and their message to all this year is “Christmas with love”.

In short, if you are looking for a meat, cheese and minced pie hamper, then look no further than here.  If you’ve go some vegetarian friends then lucky for them Dart’s Farm are also selling the Christmas Veggie Hamper here, Dart’s Farm has got it this season well and truly covered, because there is no theme and no diet left uncovered, nor will you be left wishing you had found something for that ever so pick friend! 

The mixed Festive hampers come in two different sizes. Firstly, the Festive Indulgent Hamper (first photo above and here) is priced at £185.00, and secondly, the Festive Large West Country Hamper (second photo above and here) is priced at £85.00. 

Further, if you know a chesseboard lover then Dart’s Farm also have a number of speciality gift boxes, starting from £20.00 here. There are a selection of teas, coffees, and chocolate hampers that will surely make someone very happy.

Dart’s Farm offers their hamper and gift boxes services nationwide.



Above all, this has been a year that our inner chef has emerged. Not only through the circumstances of being in lockdown, but also through the ingenuity of much of the hospitality sector. But many restaurants have risen to the occasion to bring those irreplaceable dining experiences right to our doorstep!  

Côte At Home

One restaurant which has really stepped up this Christmas is the well-loved bistro Côte, with their Côte At Home online ordering service. That is to say, their dedicated team have created some delicious meals and accompaniments. All produces are based on genuine French cuisine, and the team will carefully package your fresh produce and  deliver to you when you want. With only a £40 minimum spend, you can browse their online menu for hearty, tasteful dining options, select your delivery date anywhere in mainland Britain, and receive your order as soon as the next day, ready to cook, chill or freeze. The portions are generous, and the packaging practical with easy to follow instructions.

This Christmas, Côte At Home is even offering to do all the hard work for you (expect the cooking!), with their incredible Christmas dining packages. The Festive Dining Box for example, priced at an incredible £79.95 will serve 4-6 people and comes with a large-size French inspired roast Turkey and all the Trimmings. The box contains;

  • Turkey with a bacon lattice
  • Roasted parsnips and carrots
  • Chestnut stuffing
  • Spiced red cabbage
  • Gratin potatoes
  • French beans
  • Pigs in blankets
  • Veal just
  • Cranberry sauce

Everything you need for an effortless festive meal! In addition, you can also pair your festive menu with extra dishes to compliment the taste of your diners. For example, there is an incredibly Salmon Gravadlax priced at only £29.95 – 850g of Dill-cured salmon. For dessert, you can consider the Buche de Noel, a delicious traditional praline and chocolate roulade with hazelnut liquer and warm chocolate sauce for only £12.95. 

Put on an amazing spread this Christmas with the help of Britain’s bistro-leading favourite Côte, at amazing value and complete ease. Let’s hope this service is here to stay! 

Visit for your online order.



Sharpham Estate has been operating for nearly 40 decades, with its vineyards located in the heart of Devon. The Estate is known for both it’s red and white wines, and this is mostly due to the cool climate and mineral rich soil that provides the vines with a long growing season to gently ripen the grapes, preserving wonderful fresh aromas and flavours.

But every good wine needs a cheese platter – especially at Christmas, and we are thrilled to recommend Sharpham Diary as a perfect cheerful (or should that be cheese-full?!) hamper for this Christmas, as a gift or to enjoy at home!


The Devon Dozen ~ Available online, £225.00
Sharpham Dairy, Cheese Lover's Gift Box ~ £40.00

The Cheese Lover’s Gift Box gift box comes in a lovely wooden presentation box, and contains 3 of Sharpham’s best-loved handmade cheeses:

  • “Tickclemore” Goats’ cheese, 450g – made since the mid-eighties and takes its name from a street in nearby Totnes made famous by its cheese shop. A perfect Goat’s cheese made with milk from three local farms. A bright white colour, firm flinty texture with a mellow yet complex flavour, with hints of lemon and herbs. Ticklemore is delicious when melted into a sauce or soup, and perfect when crumbled into a salad. Recommended by Sharpham is to pair with a generous glass of Pinot Gris ‘Wild Ferment, or simply on its own with fresh figs. 
  • “Elmhirst”, 300g – named after the family who first produced it, this is a soft Jersey cows’ milk cheese with double cream, similar to a Vignotte. A mould ripened triple cream cheese that is rich and mousse like when young (2-3 weeks old), developing into a full bodied, decadent and gooey experience when ripe (4-6 weeks). For company, consider pinot gris grapes as a pallet cleanse between each unctuous bite.
  • Sharpham Rustic, 450g – a classic semi-hard Jersey cows’ milk cheese. Rustic production moved to the new Sharpham Dairy in 2003 and has become one of the most popular cheeses in the region. Crumbly texture, golden colour and a delicate, slightly citrus flavour. The Rustic is irresistible when served with oatcakes and a sweet chutney along with a glass (or two) of crisp white wine.

The cheese is also accompanied with Peter’s Yard sourdough crackers and Devon-made Clare’s chutney to complete the festive cheeseboard.

All wine and cheese hampers are also available to order as individual items. The full selection can be viewed online at



Ten years ago, Willie Harcourt-Cooze left Venezuela to bring back to the U.K his passion in and all he had learnt about cacao. What we happily received, was the U.K’s first “bean-to-bar” chocolate factory. Willie imports cacao beans directly from cacao farmers to Devon, U.K. where the chocolate is made either by hand or artisinally in small batches, with only natural ingredients.

Why is Willie’s Cacao so special?

Natural means there is no soya lecithin (used by industrial factories to speed up the process and thin out chocolate), no palm oil, no vanilla (an additive to enhance profile when low quality ‘bulk’ beans are used). With Willie’s Cacao you just get pure, rich, unadulterated flavour of the bean itself, just as you would expect with the quality of grapes that make a fine wine. This is so important to Willie’s Cacao because they source some of the world’s best single-estate cacao, choosing each one for the unique flavour profiles they embody. Willie’s process then just works to evoke and bring to life those flavours for us – in the form of glorious, glorious chocolate!

Willie's Cacao, El Grande, £99.00

What would we recommend for Christmas from Willie’s chocolate factory?

We say, go for the El Grande Hamper, which comes with a spectacular selection of cacao and chocolates for all tastes. The packaging will ignite your inner child; arriving in a wondrous red box and ribbon.

Open your box of wonders and you’ll feel as though you’ve fallen into an emporium of chocolates; everything you can imagine emerges!

  • The Golden Pod, containing Sea Salt Caramel Pearls 150g 
  • Hand-made Dark Praline Truffles, 16 truffles 110g
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, freshly roasted Hazelnuts and Peruvian Chulucanas milk chocolate 300g
  • Five Wonders of the World. Tasting Collection of five single estate dark chocolate bars 5 x 50g
  • Milk Sea Salt Caramel Pearls, 150g
  • Single Estate Cacao Cylinders 1 x 180g
  • Rio Caribe 72 Chef’s Drops 1 x 150g
  • Cacao Nib Brandy, made with Dudognon artisan cognac 100ml
  • Cacao Tea Infusion 1 x 150g
  • Champagne Janisson Baradon, Brut Sélection 37.5cl
  • Hot Chocolate powder, Medellin 52% dark chocolate 250g
  • 100% Medellin Cacao powder 100g
  • Roasted Cacao Nibs 1 x 200gr

It’s not only this amazing box and it’s incredible value in both quality and price which are generous – Willie is clearly a passionate creator who is generous with a luxury he really believes in; creating the best chocolate, in the best and most honest way, even if it can take up to 100 times as long as industrial chocolatiers. Why? He says it is to deliver ‘Pure Flavours and Pure Pleasures’ and I have to agree on both counts. So now, I just have one question for you: do you love anyone enough to give this away to, or like me, are you tempted to keep it for all yourself?!

Available to purchase at

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