The ultimate Christmas Home Guide, because giving gifts start at home. There is nothing better than bringing out your best kitchenware, decorating your living room, spreading the scent of winter spices, and making sure your bedroom is as cosy as possible from the chilly winter nights. We hope you find the best Home gifts, for your loved ones or yourself to enjoy this Christmas season.


This Christmas, the ultimate gift for home comes in the shape of Dyson's range of intelligent, cordless vacuums.

Bringing Dyson home this Christmas, the Outsize model

Most existing Dyson vacuum owners, such as the V7 and V8 will already be impressed with the innovative, diverse uses, power and manoeuvrability that the cordless vacuums provide, and might even wonder what more a new model could offer. 

Enter the Dyson Outsize, RRP £699.00; perfect for those who want longer single-usage times, the Outsize lasts for 120 minutes per charge, with a 150% larger bin than previous models, for less frequent emptying. 

Sharing the laser technology with its sibling the V15 Detect,  this dust detection tackles particles you normally wouldn’t see, making it the obvious solution for pet hair, debris, and busy homes. The precision laser will even make dust visible on hard floors, revealing just how intelligent and thoughtful Dyson’s advanced technology is. The equally intuitive and user-friendly display will report on battery life, and the levels of dust picked up – capturing data on allergens and pollutants – allowing you maximise efficacy and better understand your home and it’s weak spots.

Dyson never seem to leave the job unfinished, and their technology evidences the results for you in real-time data and visibility. They say there is no such thing as perfect, but Dyson often seem to come pretty close, making it an ideal Christmas investment gift for yourself or a loved one.

Comparison of the top Dyson models: V15 Detect and Outsize

Further details on the device’s multiple fixtures are also a sure win for versatility and all-round solutions.

  • The ANTI-TANGLE COMB for cleaning carpets and hard floors, works superbly on carpets, especially for pet owners, who will find it effortlessly collecting pet hair and debris with powerful suction directly into the dust compartments.
  • The ANTI-TANGLE SCREW HEAD is equally handy and compact, so excellent for tackling corners and stairs.
  • The LASER DETECT SLIM FLUFFY HEAD, as mentioned before, is a wonder of modern engineering! The laser will directly evidence the otherwise undetectable dust and dirt that the Dyson uniquely captures and tackle, and will change every home’s experience of providing a ‘perfect’ clean.
  • The CREVICE TOOL is particularly useful for nooks and crannies such as corners, piping and hard-to reach areas.
  • The MULTI PURPOSE TOOL tackles sofas, curtains and softer surfaces well.
  • The SOFT BRUSH HEAD will target bathrooms, windows, skirting and more, effectively and seamlessly.

The versatility is unending when it comes to Dyson; it is truly an intelligent partner that delivers on all aspects to provide a seamless, fully effective end product. One thing I can say with certainty is that the Dyson Outsize, as well as the V15 Detect, will make the perfect home fixture this Christmas and all year round.


Melitta LatteSelect, RRP £1,000

For those who have a big family who all love coffee, but each have different tastes and preferences, then the new Melitta LatteSelect® makes the most luxurious gift option for this Christmas. Thanks to its one-touch, ease of use function and coloured picture display the sensor fields start the preparation of your favourite coffee speciality. Choose from one of the twelve coffee recipes or save one of your own special settings. This is coffee enjoyment and convenience at its best. LatteSelect® features a state-of-art two-chamber bean container, a rare find in modern-day coffee machines. This advantage allows you to choose, for example, either fine mild coffee beans or aromatic and strong espresso beans. Furthermore, the brewing strength can be adjusted to four settings and the grinding fineness to five settings. It even has a “Double Cup” mode (as pictured) which allows two cups to be filled simultaneously. The grinder is ultra-quiet (and award winning) in that it uses a particularly low-noise grinding process – having received a Quiet Mark award in recognition. The milk container is dishwasher safe, and when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, the LatteSelect® employs PRO AQUA filter technology to filter the water during preparation and prevent lime scale deposits from accumulating. The drip tray is also made out of stainless-steel with a plastic insert to prevent scratching. 

A fast, authentic, hygienic machine awaits all coffee lovers this Christmas.

The Melitta LatteSelect® is available via Melitta, RRP £1,000

Melitta Latticia® OT (One Touch) ~ £549.00

The new and luxurious Melitta Latticia® OT (One Touch) automatic bean to cup coffee machine creates top-tier barista style drinks from the comfort of your own kitchen. Thanks to its double foaming function, the new technology (otherwise known as the LATTEperfection System) enables higher temperatures to get that milk well and truly foamed – complete with a fine-pored froth.

The beauty of the new Lattica® machine is that theOne Touch button means you can choose from a Café Crème, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and Milk froth with just a simple touch – not to mention the super silent grinder which grinds the coffee extra quietly. The coffee strength and grind can also be adjusted to suit individual tastes. This must have electrical kitchen appliance also features an XL water tank (1.5l) and bean container (250g) which has been specially created ‘extra-large’ to enable coffee enjoyment in the smallest of spaces. The practical Double Cup mode is a real time-saver too as it allows preparation of two identical drinks simultaneously.

The Melitta Latticia® OT is available to purchase through Melitta, RRP £549.00


Hoover has created a selection of useful cleaning gadgets, which are perfect for the busy festive season. The Hoover H-Handy 700  will keep any kitchen and dining area clean from crumbs with its cordless and efficient handheld vacuum. The model is designed to sit on the kitchen countertop, ready to be used to clean any crumbs, dust, or dirt. The vacuum comes with powerful 120W brushless motor. It is compact, lightweight, at 42cm and 660g.There is a countertop dock for tidy storage on the countertop, and charging at the same time. EPA filtration for optimal air filtration and long lasting performance.

For cleaning larger spaces, including flooring and carpet, we recommend the H-Upright range. Pictured here is the Upright 500 model, which offers effective and fast vacuum function. Key features includes:

  • Extra Long Reach up to 15m – Featuring an extra long 10m cord and a 4.5m stretch hose for up to 15m reach with accessories, ideal for stair cleaning.
  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology – This improved dust separation technology pushes dust away from the filter, helping the filters stay cleaner for longer.
  • Agile All Floor Cleaning – Ultra manoeuvrable in use with a swivelling, low profile floor nozzle to glide around your home easily. Switch the brush bar on for carpets and off for hard floors.
  • Allergy Care with H13 HEPA Filter – The H13 HEPA filter traps allergens and helps purify the air in your home, perfect for allergy sufferers.
For the Christmas season Hooverdirect.co.uk is offer bundle options including both the H-Handy and the Upright for as low as £149.00. Shop online here.


Most homes these days are fitted with hard floors. Many readers will already be familiar with Kärcher, who have a machine for every home & garden chore! Kärcher doesn’t believe in just using the right tool for the job, they believe in using the perfect tool for the perfect job.

Our favourite for the winter and wet season has to be the FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner Cordless (RRP £399.00). Ideal for getting rid of those muddy stains, or those accidental mulled wine slippages! Infact, the FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner, will wash your floors and vacuum up debris simultaneously. This unique feature is thanks to “Innovative SmartRoller” technology that controls the flow of water to clean your hard floors gently yet effectively – and leaves floors dry in just two minutes. It is also perfect for cleaning floors for pet-owners. Once the cleaning is complete, the rollers can be removed and washed in the washing machine, allowing you the option to re-use the rollers in a sustainable way.

Available to purchase through Kärcher’s online store, and currently on sale with a promotional price £349.99.


Christmas is a time for celebration, and the best way to show it is through your choice of decorations, starting with your front door! Forget baubles and tinsel, the right way is BLOOM’s fresh wreaths.

Founded by celebrity florist Larry Walshe, Bloom aims to not only reinvent the way we buy our flowers; but also lead the way for the rest of the industry to collectively uptake more waste and sustainability conscious choices.

Bloom’s Christmas Wreath Collection 2021 is an exploration of nature and the joy that can be created using natural, plastic-free ingredients.  As you would expect from one of the UK’s most ethical florists, all our Festive Wreath designs are 100% plastic-free and created using sustainable floristry techniques. Bloom’s skilled London florists make each luxury holiday wreath by hand to ensure you receive the perfect gift this December.

Bloom also offers a wide range of fresh flower bunches, bespoke bouquets, luxury gift bouquets, stylish vases, pots & plants to create the perfect gifting opportunity or to ensure your home is the most stylish of interiors.

Wreath deliveries will commence on 24 November. Order now at ByBloom.co.uk 


The Silk Collection is a luxury London-based lifestyle brand creating beautiful gift boxes containing silk pillowcases and accessories. All the products are from only eco-friendly dyes, certified as “Standard 100” by OEKO-TEX®. 

The benefits of silk are becoming more widely known by the day and the silk pillowcase has been one of the most talked about beauty trends in 2021! As well as pillowcases, silk scrunchies are becoming increasingly popular as a luxury alternative to traditional hair ties – the texture of silk is soft and gentle against the hair to prevent friction and hair damage. The brand uses the highest grade 6A long fibre 100% mulberry silk, with a luxury thickness of 22 momme. For Christmas, and all year round, each purchase will come in a wonderful gift box, with a handwritten note, allowing the gift giver to add a personal touch, and the receiver an enjoyable unboxing experience.

The Silk Collection gift ideas includes:

  • The Pure Silk Sleep Set – £65 – containing the signature pure silk pillowcase and pure silk eye mask in a luxury gift box.
  • The Pure Silk Pillowcase Set – £85 – A pair of the signature silk pillowcase, available in a selection of 5 neutral and dark colours
  • The Pure Silk Eye Mask – £25 – the ultimate luxury accessory to help your beauty sleep along with your silk pillowcase.
  • The Statement Silk Scrunchie Gift Set – £35 – for the ultimate luxury haircare gift!

What makes The Silk Collection additionally special is that they donate 10% of all profits to Mind Charity in support of mental health awareness. 

The entire range from The Silk Collection is available to purchase online.


Award-winning silk company, This Is Silk has launched some gorgeous new products in time for Christmas. Voted ‘Best Buy’ in the Independent and frequently praised for their unrivalled quality. 

This Is Silk offers many products in 100% Silk, from headbands and hair towels, to elegant silk robes and tops. The Silk Robe RRP £189.00 is available in Cotswolds-inspired Cream and Gainsborough Blue (both pictured) and would make a wonderful gift for any woman.

Pure silk robes actively condition skin with natural amino acids and feel absolutely divine, and crafted from 22 momme silk. Every Robe has a single loop and button on each sleeve which allows for it to be tightened to prevent the sleeves draping in water or makeup when getting ready in style.

We also love the options for silk pillowcases because there is a colour and pattern to suit any taste. Everyone will love a silk pillowcase so you can definitely find another few perfect gifts at This Is Silk!  The Ribbon Trimmed Pillowcases, RRP £49.99 have a beautiful luxurious coloured silk trim framing the elegance of snow-white silk pillowcase. The pillowcases are machine-washable on a delicates’ cycle using a detergent suitable for Silk.

Browse the entire collection and purchase online at This Is Silk.


O by Olfacto was originally founded in Chourchevel, France, and is now run by UK founders, Katy Worthy and John Tarbet. Their passion for fragrance stems from their own experience in interior design and building technology, and their belief that design and ambience are captured through all modes of sense experience. Whether you are looking for a gift to add a final touch to a beautiful and comforting living space, or something to enjoy in your own home, then O By Olfacto has some wonderful and elegant scents. For Christmas 2021 they have launched the festive and richly warm Winter Spice (pictured here). 

Winter Spice, RRP £129.00 is sure to get you into the spirit of a cosy and wintery season. With a citrusy and spicy blend of delicious orange clove, cinnamon, orange flower and soothing tonka beans, the enveloping aroma from winter spice will warm the heart of your home with the nostalgic scent of a traditional Christmas! All their home scents are made from natural essential oils, cruelty-free and vegan. We also love the Discovery Set, RRP £25.00, which introduces you to nine different scents from the brand, offering a sensual journey for your nose, including Mint & Eucalyptus, Oud, Black Pomegranate, Fig & Bergamot. 

The Diffusers are available in two sizes – Luxe, priced at £749.00 or the Mini, priced at £129.00. Both diffusers and the scents are available to purchase online at O By Olfacto.

The O by Olfacto LUXE Diffuser, £749.00
The Discovery Set, £25.00
Founders, Katy Worthy and JT


Anton Studio Designs began in 2012, with the aim to develop and produce ranges of glassware and kitchenware. This year’s variety of collections offer gifts which are stylish, colourful and fun.

If you’ve seen our Wine & Spirits Guide with our recommendations for your festive drinks trolley, then will definitely need some new glassware to hold your cocktails, wines, and sparklings!

Anton Studio Designs is available to purchase online at Anton Studio Designs and Not Just Jugs.


Opinel was born in 1890 in the Savoie region of France. Invented by Joseph Opinel, its simplicity, robustness and functionality makes it a noble tool. Originally sold as a working man’s knife, an Opinel Knife has become emblematic of French culture.

Opinel Knives have been adopted by everyone and passed on from one generation to the next. They are now considered a unique and timeless household object. Still made in Savoie, in Chambery, Opinel pocket knives and tools have remained faithful to the brand’s origins.

Opinel offers knifes in different sizes, thickness, and for multiple purposes, whether chopping, grating, pruning, or slicing, there is definitely a perfect knife for all your kitchen needs.

The entire Opinel range is available to view and purchase at Whitby & Co online.


Mayflower Ceramic Non-Stick 13pc Set with lids ~ £240.00

Consciously cooking healthy meals day in and day out can be hard, let alone multi-tasking on Christmas Day to make different dishes to impress your family and guests. That is why choosing the right pots and pans is so important. GreenPan offers you a whole range of sustainable and innovative collections to make healthy cooking sheer delight! There are multiple collections, all featuring pots and pans in different sizes.The most important feature about GreenPan is that all their products are non-toxic, non-stick, and eco-friendly.

Non-Toxic: A healthy Thermolon ceramic coating, which is completely PFAS-free and doesn’t contain harmful toxic chemicals. That’s our promise to you.

Non-Stick: A ceramic non-stick coating that is silky smooth. You’ll need less oil or butter, and there’s no scrubbing afterwards. Healthy, quick & easy!

Eco-friendly: The Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating releases 60% less CO2 compared to traditional non-stick coatings.

Shop the entire collection at GreenPan online.


RTA 12 Bottle Wine Rack in Dark Ash ~ £27.00 from John Lewis

RTA are famous for creating luxury and affordable wooden wine racks. For this year’s festivities, choose an RTA wine rack to hold your season’s wine and champagne choices, whilst also displaying them in your kitchen or living area for aesthetic enjoyment. RTA wine racks are designed and manufactured in the UK. You can choose different sizes, such as this elegant 12 bottle wine rack pictured, crafted from solid wood and galvanised steel.

The wood comes in a variety of colours: natural pine, dark pine and black ash. Other colours are also available on a made to order basis. Using our Extend-a-Rack clip system, it is easily extended or connected to various other sized systems; increasing the amount of storage space.

All available designs can be viewed at RTA Global, and online purchase is available from John Lewis.

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