Morpheus8 by InMode, Facial Rejuvination at the Dr Tatiana Clinic, London

Morpheus8 by InMode, Facial Rejuvination at the Dr Tatiana Clinic, London

An introduction to the treatment, it’s main features and results, the preparation and procedure, explained by Liz at the Dr Tatiana Clinic in the heart of the Harley Street district in London.

Morpheus 8 is one of the hottest new non-surgical treatments on the market; highly sought after by Hollywood stars. It promises to keep you looking young for decades – without needing to go under the knife; effectively reversing signs of ageing to leave your face more youthfully plump & naturally tighter. This cutting-edge treatment is the perfect antidote to ageing, sagging skin on the face & neck; working to dissolve fat and tighten the skin at the same time. Hashtag Life reviews the Morpheus8 below, with the help and treatment of Dr Tatiana’s expert clinic – listed and a finalist for three consecutive years in the Safety in Beauty Diamond awards – in London’s Harley Street area.

Two weeks into having my first Morpheus 8 treatment, I am almost ready to ditch foundation make up on a strictly every day basis. Following a single session, and the week of healing which ensued (more on that below) I had been out for dinner with some friends and we were discussing all things skin and make up. It popped up in conversation that, whether habitually or consciously, l would never leave the house without foundation on. A friend who’d known me for several years commented that my skin didn’t necessarily need the coverage and I was quick to look through my photo album to find the rare naked-faced photo to show her that in fact beneath the cure all foundations in the market today, my skin did have all the telltale signs of pigmentation, scarring and the rest of the family. So into the iPhone photos I dug and dug, and triumphantly managed to retrieve a makeupless, filterless, facetuneless photo – I was glad that one existed. It was at this point, looking at the skin of a few months prior which the glaring realisation that my skin no longer looked like this struck me. The Morpheus8 had had more than the subtle effect I’d assumed of it. Moreover, there was an altogether different effect to the one Id been so closely focused on. 

Morpheus 8 by InMode, The ‘Non-Surgical Facelift’ loved by A-Listers

The treatment claims to target; skin tightening, plumping and rejuvenation, fine lines and wrinkles, and scarring. Whilst my focus had been entirely set upon the first effects, what I had really noticed was a drastic result in the latter. 

I had visited Dr Tatianas clinic for my first session and introduction to the device which develops on traditional microneedling technology, using finer microneedles that go deeper into the skin than its predecessors. Liz, who consulted and treated me with the Morpheus, explained in detail the methodology of the device and how it results in effectively stimulating new collagen formulation deep within the layers of your own skin, rejuvenating it from within. 

The Process:

We took several before photos, discussing the areas where skin laxity could be improved, both from Liz’s perspective and mine. She identified limited jowling around the corners of my lips and I focused 80% of the conversation on the average female’s ever-peeving frown line. We decided to focus on working on the upper and lower cheeks, jawline and frown area between the eyes; although most people can simply opt for a full face, or full face and neck treatment. 

Numbing cream is applied and what comes next is the 20-30 minute treatment, of anticipatory countdowns before each ‘dose’ of the radio frequency and micro needling is delivered. A hand-gun style machine is pressed to your face, and the therapists presses the button to deliver the microneedling into the target area. The sensation is a mixture of heat and pin pricks, with the more painful areas lying where the skin thins; however the gust of pain disappears almost as quickly as it occurs, so when asked to measure the pain I gave it a 5/10 rising in some areas to a 6/10. More importantly than the slight discomfort is that as the radio frequency is transmitted via these microneedles, the electric current delivered into the deeper layers of skin, kickstarts collagen production, firming & tightening the treatment area. 

It was over seemingly swiftly and on looking in the mirror I was surprised to see that the flare up of redness in my skin was subsiding by the minute, as Liz and I conversed. So whilst your skin will immediately appear red, flushed, and maybe even irritated, it will not feel it, and this will subside fairly quickly. I was given an oil/acid free moisturiser, which would be kind on my skin, and advised that my skin may feel drier than usual in the days to come. 


By the time I was home the redness had subsided even further. I am not a person who usually inflames or bruises quickly so my experience may be tangential to that, but I would say that even if you do find your skin reacts more strongly than you’d like – it will subside soon enough. 

Within 24-48 hours you are able to apply make up again, so the perfect time to have the procedure would be on a weekend or during an evening, if you’ve work the next day. Then, it’s business as usual until the results kick in. I was warned that I might break out, which I had shrugged off as improbable, given that I rarely do. I was wrong. Over the next few days, I experienced very subtle breakouts which were unnoticeable with make up to anyone else – and these cleared out within a few days. Given that the pores have been opened with tiny holes caused by the ultra fine micro needles, it is both expected and understandable that breaking out can occur – and whilst a slight inconvenience – I didn’t panic or over think it at all, and allowed my skin to clear itself out, knowing this would resolve and rebalance within a few days. Within a week following the procedure my skin was back to normal entirely. 


Now for the results; whilst the effects of collagen production certainly take time to manifest and appear, and best results can be achieved following 2 or even 3 procedures of the Morpheus8, two weeks in, I can note visible results. Whilst skin laxity wasn’t a huge problem of mine, I would say I have seen a subtle lift in my skin and a “perked up” appearance – and something which reconfirms this is commentary from others on how taut my skin looks. The most noticeable change came as I found myself looking at older bare faced photos, only to see that so much scarring had vanished, evening out the appearance of my skin tone. Whilst I wouldn’t say my skin has become perfected yet, I would certainly expect the results following a second Morpheus treatment, to mean that I could comfortably and confidently skip the foundation and still tout a smooth, even, and bright complexion. For that, I would say that the Morpheus8 certainly achieves what it sets out to do, and will surprise you with its swift and visible effects. I look forward to seeing continued results; it can be difficult to really pay attention to our skin (and the results of treating it) as it evolves and renews itself. However, with Dr. Tatianas wonderful and warm clinic and offering, it is a journey well worth taking and keeping track of with a hands on, well trained and knowledgeable team who care about your skin as much as you do. 


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