Until recently, my skin was doing well, neither too plump nor too lax – just naturally alright. But recently, the dark circles have enlarged, the smile lines have become deeper, the eyelids heavier, the luminosity fading. All appears graceful, but just not the way I like to remember! I know I’m not alone in my aging process. However, as I have never been one for adding toxins or fillers into my face, because I thought I could get away with my given face until my mid-40s, seeing the changes in my face has been quite an unexpected realisation that it is time to invest in meaningful and more targeted treatments. 

So back to my favourite Harley Street clinic – Vie Aesthetics – where I know I can trust any treatment recommended will be just right for my needs. 

Vie Aesthetics has three clinics, Rayleigh (pictured), Harley Street, and Holborn

Although I recently tried EVOKE by InMode, I believe it is a great option for those who have the patience to commit to 6 regular treatments over 6 months, for that continuous collagen growth. But I am not as organised or disciplined. 

Instead, I heard about Morpheus8, which is also by InMode, a few years ago and always wanted to try it. Could I get tighter smoother skin in 1-2 treatments? The answer is, yes!

Before embarking on Morpheus8 as my chosen treatment, I spent some time educating myself on the different options available across the global market for skin laxity, and specifically what is approved here in the UK vis-a-vis the US market. I still kept coming back to Morpheus8, as the ideal alternative to a full on facelift. This was also the opportunity to discover Profhilo – a few jabs to answer post-COVID era exhaustion, without ending up like a puffer fish.

I was pleased to hear that Vie Aesthetics offers both Morpheus8 and Profhilo, and in fact, the combination of both treatments was already extremely popular with many patients. I give myself credit for coming up with the combination independently, as if I am a cosmetological genius. So what did the two treatments entail? Read on below.

Treatment 1: Morpheus8

Morpheus8 is a handheld device that simultaneously combines radio frequency energy with microneedling, available with different depths depending on the area being treated and the skin concern.

The RF and Microneedlingcombine to trigger a healing cascade that stimulates new collagen and elastin production. Imagine small wounds being created at the same time as heating up the skin. It is the optimal treatment for someone looking to remodel and contour the face without going under the knife.  Morpheus is s 

As there are different modals and frequencies, it takes an experienced and well-trained practitioner to give you the optimal treatment. That practitioner needs to know when to apply Microneedling at 4mm depth for under skin tightening, versus 2cm depth for prominent wrinkles, and when to decrease the temperature from 40 to 38 degrees.  

Pre-treatment Numbing cream
During Morpheus8 treatment
One day after treatment
One week after treatment

Wonderful Aimee, Senior Aesthetician at Vie Aesthetics, assessed my skin, and advised that she would not go over 40 degrees on my skin tone firstly because she didn’t want the skin to over heat or burn whatsoever, and she also didn’t want to encourage excess melanin production and hyperpigmentation. Aimee also chose 3mm for most of my jowl and lower cheek areas, but opted for 2mm to target the deeper lines around the nasal and mouth area, aka the smile lines.

The entire process takes about 1 hour, where at least the first 20 minutes is spent numbing the area to be treated. Once Aimee started on the treatment, it probably took about 5 minutes on each cheek, and another 5 around the upper lip area. It was quite painful to begin with. I initially described it as “the feeling of staples”, which was an over exaggeration! It was more like hot stones and a few pricks lasting 1 second!

The recommendation is 1 to 3 treatments to see best results, and you can continue to see improvements in your skin for up to three months after treatment as collagen production continues.

One week after my initial treatment, I could definitely notice the smile lines were less deep, especially around the sides of my nose. I would love to return for a second treatment to really get that collagen mutiplying!

Treatment 2: Profhilo

Half the face injected with Profhilo

Profhilo is the latest Hyaluronic Acid based injectable to take the cosmetic scene by storm. But it is not the same as other well-known fillers. Profhilo is a bio-remodelling skincare treatment that concentrates on the laxity of skin and promotes hydration naturally, through a scientifically engineered water molecule. It is injected at five points across each side of the patient’s face, and as explained by Dr Liakas at Vie Aesthetics, the molecule spreads from the point of injection up to 2.5cm in diameter, and fills that area with this hydration molecule, causing plumper and tighter skin within 2-3 weeks after initial treatment. 

This treatment is a breakthrough in aesthetic technology and should not be mistaken for a dermal filler nor a mesotherapy treatment. It is currently the only product in the world of this kind.

one millilitre of Profhilo is injected on each side, at 5 points, so a total of 10 injections. This can ben uncomfortable for some people’s endurance, but Dr Liakas was diligent and ever so precise in every injection so that I did not get the “lumps” that some patients complain about after Profhilo. That is real skill, and I was happy to feel at ease. 

Two treatments are advised, 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results, once every 6 months. You will feel an immediate boost in hydration, but the real effect comes after about 2-3 weeks. For my face, I really saw more plumpness added to my naturally flat cheeks. It has not altered my face shape in the same way as a heavier dermal filler could, but I definitely can see my skin is softer and more radiant. A second injection would yield even better results.

I visited Vie Aesthetics at 2 Harley Street, Marylebone, London, W1G 9PA.

The Clinic also has branches in Rayleigh, Essex, and a brand new clinic in Holborn, London. There is also one Clinic in Germany.

London Bookings can be made by calling +44 020 7164 6140


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