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Hyatt Place London City East

Hyatt City of London
Hyatt Place is nestled in the heart of the City of London

With over 400 banks in London, the banking capital of Europe, the east of the city has always been known as a hub for the fast paced monopoly of the financial services of industry. Still, however, itscultural roots, steeped deeply in art, craft, creativity, and not least of them food, have often fought to the surface of the East and stood as bold inhabitants of this corner of the city. And so, as we ventured out to rediscover London, its life, its variety and itsinimitability, we found ourselves knocking on the door of a hotel brand which not only respects these features, but celebrates, houses and grows them. 

This is what led us to the Hyatt Place, London City East Hotel. 

hyatt place
zoom restaurant hyatt place

Accommodation & Art

A new addition to the Hyatt brand which not only endeavors to be the most accessible, but the most preferred hotels by visitors globally, Hyatt Place London City East is their newest UK addition, and it welcomes visitors seeking a stylish, modern, yet authentic take on the East’s cosmopolitan appeal. 

Hotel staff are extremely friendly and helpful, as well as multi-lingual. Our arrival was greeted with a warm and speedy check in, beside the hotel’s resident all-day cafe and lounge area, serving Starbucks coffee and accessible food to go. Design is King at London City East; the hotel has collaborated with local artists to add a touch of vibrancy and curious it to your stay. 

Beautiful abstract-style murals by Brixton-based abstract artist Olly Fathers, play on geometric design. Mural artist, Jay Kaes brings the hotel’a signature Zoom Restaurant to life with a rich spray-painted mural. With his global reputation for ‘art with personality’, his London Underground inspired design keeps true to his mission to create walls that talk while reflecting the neighbourhood’s colourful personality.

Lastly, Hyatt has chosen abstract artist Lothar Gotz for his vibrant, abstract design to bring to life the symmetry and design concepts of the guest rooms. 

Hotel Rooms

The hotel hosts 280 rooms featuring Hyatt Comfort Eurotop beds for the best night sleep, state-of-the-art media and ample desk space. 55″ HDTV with Chromecast for streaming from your phone, and free Wi-Fi. On stepping into our 7th floor en-suite room, we were most taken aback by the excellent use of space; desk space, a couch for reclination and two compact steps to a beautiful balcony with direct city-skyline views; the perfect set up to enjoy your morning coffee from, courtesy of the in- room Nespresso machine, or even to work from for business-visitors. Hyatt’s room designs are clearly thoughtful of all its variety of visitors and their needs, with comfort and accessibility in mind. 

Meanwhile, those staying on the first-floor are treated to views of a multi-coloured mural spanning the entire outside wall space. Devised and painted by contemporary abstract artist Lothar Götz, the vibrant geometric design – which is 3 metres high and nearly 30 metres long – has been carefully composed to factor in the symmetry of the bedroom’s that overlook the artwork, giving each guest a unique perspective.

The higher floors offer expansive views of the City, notably The Gherkin, and on the other side guests can look out to Canary Wharf.

Hyatt Place
Hyatt place

Drinks & Dining

The hotel boasts two highlights for its culinary and drinking experience; Zoom Restaurant and the PocketSquare Skyline Bar & Terrace Zoom restaurant is set to be an East London Favourite thanks to its “Glocal” cuisine; Global influences, brought to you locally, oscillating between culinary influences to create home comforts with an emphasis on quality and produce.  The restaurant boasts a casual, convivial and stylish dining atmosphere and interiors whether for business guests or reclination, where you can enjoy a locally inspired multi-cultural cuisine with a special focus on sourcing local and sustainable ingredients. The menu offers small bites, healthy salads, trending mains and a selection of around the world bowl-food.
Hyatt Place
PocketSquare Skyline Bar & Terrace
hyatt place

PocketSquare Skyline Bar & Terrace, on the top floor of  the Hyatt Place London City East, is set to be the hotel’s showstopper, and that to blame for future full bookings and waiting lists! 

The bar boasts a warm design aesthetic, with seeeping London views which sweep far beyond those of the immediate City. PocketSquare’s mixologists are dedicated to their craft, having devised a Global list of theatrical, flavourful cocktails with a story behind each. From the “Taiyo” creation meaning “Sun” in Japanese, based on the the 17th century’s first “Western Samurai” who travelled to East London; to the “Sedition” gin-based cocktail, inspired by the old British sailors who would throw gifters overboard if they supplied poor Gin(!) there is a cocktail for every taste, and every sense of excitement, all with a story behind them.  

Local Attractions

Stepping out of the hotel, there is almost too much to explore and experience. Situated steps away from The Whitechapel Art Gallery, and the well renowned Truman Brewery, as well as Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market. We opted to set our artistic sights on the viral Van Gogh immersive experience. A short walk away, we stepped into  the incomparable universe of Van Gogh. 360º digital projections, VR experience, and a uniquely atmospheric light & sound, reminded us of London’s celebratory culture of history, culture, and talent.  A few steps away from the Truman Brewery, you will find roads and communities which celebrate this unique embodiment of East London; Brick Lane for stalls, stores and restaurants which bring to life the locals’ global heritage through food and produce, and Spitalfields Market which hosts the ultimate London melting pot of artisanal products, hand made goods, and local producers. You can also enjoy multiple fine dining restaurants and view tops located in the high rise wonders on Bishopsgate, from Bank to St Pauls. 

The City of London captivates with its power and culture. Regardless of the purpose of your visit to London, there is something for everyone at Hyatt Place, be it as a business visitor or to enjoy the vast heritage and culture of London.

For latest offers and bookings, visit Hyatt website here.

Van Gogh Immersive Experience at the Old Truman Brewery

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