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The Viceroy Riviera Maya

Hashtag Life Reviews an idyllic stay at The Viceroy, Riviera Maya, Mexico


We stepped into the open air lobby, and I’d have sworn, as I stood in relaxed splendour, coconut and lemongrass cooler being placed seamlessly in my hand, that I could hear crickets chirp. The Viceroy Riviera Maya is an oasis of serenity stooped in the warmth of jungle-like settings, intimacy, and nature. We were greeted by a vivacious, fun, and friendly Omar, who was utterly detailed and professional in his overview of the resort, even though all that was running through my mind was the deep envy that this is the place he gets to call an office. Imagine the scent of calming incense wafting by your desk, ocean views across the road from the office, or spider monkeys waving outside your window: this was the closest comparison to an average Monday for the residents of the Viceroy Riviera Maya.

En route to our room we passed by the Spa where we were asked if we would like an incense-infused welcome to relax us. Never one to say no to some scented relaxation, and very much in need of it following delayed flight, I took my stance, opposite my companion and was asked to place my clammy palm on top of theirs. We stood still for a minute and then felt the deep infusions smoke their way through the air around us. Breathing in, and out, we melted into the aromas and inhaled the sense of what our next few days at this paradisiacal resort would resemble.

Our Jungle Villa at the Viceroy was regal; huge beds, spacious rooms, ample bathrooms, showers, and his and hers sinks, translated into the ultimate provision of space and comfort after a day of basking on the beaches of Riviera Maya. Our Villa also benefited from what was too big to be an outdoor Jacuzzi but too warm to be a pool, as well as arm chairs throwing you into prime tanning position with the sun each morning. Last but absolutely not least: there was a hammock, which I treated as a swing for our entire stay, and could very well have been heard on a daily basis screaming “Higher! Higher! Stop! Too high now!” as I demanded to be swung from my hammock each time we went outdoors to dip into our Jacuzzi-pool.

The food at the Viceroy is fabulous with options from the Coral Grill and Bar, set by the beach and providing magnificent ocean views with al fresco Mexican cuisine, and La Marea featuring innovative Chef’s Tables and contemporary interpretations of Mexican food with Mediterranean influence. Executive Chef Jorge Ildefonso brings an extensive background in culinary arts, hailing from Five Diamond resorts in Mexico, schooling in Puerto Rico and working alongside some of the most innovative Chefs in Mexico. He brings with him a delicious background of culinary experience, adding new flavors and exciting ingredients to Coral Grill’s menus. Dining options vary from themed events to classical, rich and locally sourced menus, and I would recommend staying to dine-in at the restaurant, in a heart beat. This is largely in part to the food coma you will find yourselves in, with ample portions and abundance in tastes and flavours, but also due to the convivial, warm and innovative ambience set by both your dining hosts as well as the beautiful settings and groups of satisfied guests whom you’ll dine amongst at La Marea.

The Spa allows you to indulge in regenerative energy, equilibrium, comfort and restoration, and I have missed Maria my masseuse ever since she listed and battled every sordid knot and strain that had taken up a long residence around my spine. Now, quite simply put, there is a gaping absence where they used to be: Maria mentioned that it would take more than one massage to rid me of all my stress and tension. Unsure whether to be proud of, or embarrassed by this fact, I can assure you that even a one our experience of her extensive and dedicated massages will last far longer in the healing benefits you’ll experience.

Beach1With seven miles of white sand beaches surrounding you, and Playa Del Carmen a short 15 minute drive away from the property; there is such an abundance of activities and resources on hand at the Viceroy. One can overlook the rocky shores of the beach which make it a little difficult to swim upon immediately leaving the comfort of your beautiful and exquisitely serviced beach beds. However, if you’re a swimmer, once past the shore, this is negligible. Couple the views, spaciousness and privacy with activities on tap such as deep water fishing, scuba, cenote, and diving lessons, beach-set horseback riding, sailing, tennis, windsurfing and parasailing, as well as nature walks and jungle tours, and you will find that there really is little limitation to what you can achieve and experience during a stay at the Viceroy.

I had managed to ruin our waterproof camera: built to survive the deepest of wet conditions by, drumroll please, forgetting to close the battery compartment. I realised this whilst we were neck deep in a beautiful ancient underwater cave, known as a Cenote. I sheepishly debated whether to chuck the now cloudy camera into the water behind me and claim that I’d lost it, but still had hope that we could somehow capture the beauty of our surroundings, because, in this day and age, we all know that: if you don’t photograph it, were you really even there?! Despaired, and underwater-camera-less, I rambled about my lack of photographic evidence of our beautiful Cenote visit upon our return to the hotel. The staff, on hearing my first world problems piped up with what sounded like absolute common sense to them: did I know that I could borrow a Go-Pro from the beach services shack. No, I did not. But such is the level of service, attention to detail, homeliness and accommodation which effortlessly finds you at the Viceroy Riviera Maya. They says seek and you shall find: I say, visit the Viceroy family, and you will never need look any further’ here your dreams of escape and adventure will certainly find you, and better yet, come true.



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