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Keeping up with your Collagen

Keeping up with your Collagen

Collagen, Amino Acids, Proteins, Elastin – You will have heard all of these “buzz words” before, because in some form they are a major part of what makes up our hair, skin and bones. But how?

The first question that normally pops into mind is “Are there any real benefits to taking collagen supplements for our hair, skin and body?”, followed by “Should I take my collagen supplement in powder, capsule, or liquid form?” Hashtag Life has been investigating – and here is what we found.

What is collagen?

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. Collagen is the long-chain of amino acids that builds our skin, connective tissue and bones but cannot be absorbed through our diet. It is made primarily of three amino acids — proline, hydroxyproline and glycine —which gives it unique functional properties different from all other proteins. In fact, “collagen is the main structural protein that forms the connective tissue throughout our body” says Mark Birch, a leading trichologist based in London and Dubai who we have been recently speaking to about hair loss (more on that topic soon!).

Collagen is formed from three very long chains of over 1,000 amino acids twisting into a helix conformation – just like a rope.

How does collagen help our bodies?

As we age, our bodies naturally start reducing collagen production. Studies have shown that collagen makes up 80% of our skin, and along with other proteins contributes to the regeneration of our hair through during the follicle growth cycle. Starting in our 20s, we begin losing about 1% percent of our collagen each year, with additional 10% depletion by our mid-30s. Just as skin will begin to lose it’s elasticity, so will hair lose its thickness and, dare we mention, start to turn grey. Sun exposure, smoking and pollution can also accelerate collagen breakdown. This means that supplementing our collagen, especially as we age and as our body’s natural collagen production declines, is going to be incredibly appealing to most people. Thankfully there has been a tremendous amount of research in this area of human biology, mostly for the study of preventing arthritis and bone density loss. The same studies have also shown that collagen can boost the health of skin, nails, the heart, hair, and even healthy weight.

Here is our two favourite recommendations, one to target hair growth, and the other as a all-purpose collagen supplement that will work to add glow and radiance to your skin.

Best For Hair Growth


Mark Birch Tricologist™ have developed a potent hair growth booster supplement, called Anagen 10 Amino and Collagen Plus Hair Booster. It has been created to support optimal hair growth and  a healthier scalp. 

Anagen 10™ Amino-Collagen+ Hair Booster contains effective amino acids including Tyrosine and Alanine, combined with minerals including Zinc, and vitamins that keep your hair and scalp healthy, and focuses on hair growth. This rich hair booster nourishes, rehydrates and rebuilds damaged hair. The antioxidant properties fight against free radicals, and the essential compounds support keratin production.

What makes Anagen 10 so effective is that the product contains all 16 Amino Acids vital for hair health. Compared to other competitors you will not find this much amino acids packed into one product. This means that by digesting this collagen supplement daily, your body will absorb all the product because it recognises the amino acids as a complete set that is similar to normal bodily function. 

The liquid vials are available in box sets of 10 or 30, prices starting from £54.99. Mark Birch recommends that one vial is digested once a day for the first 30 days (30 vials, 30 days), and then the dose can be reduced thereafter for maintenance by taking one vial for 10 days per month (either as 1 vial per day for 10 days, or 1 vial every 3 days).

Best For Skin


Reverse Life has created a revolutionary Hydrolysed Marine Collagen supplement to turn back the years on your hair, skin and nails. Reverse Life has been created and tested in a Swedish laboratory, is approved by the Swedish Health Authority and meets EU quality standards. 

There are actually many different types of collagen, but the most talked about are collagen Types 1, 2 and 3. Type 1 collagen and Type 3 collagen are usually grouped together because they are the most abundant and have similar bodily functions. Both can be sourced from bovine collagen. Type 1 can also be sourced from marine collagen as well, unlike Type 3 collagen. In fact, Type 1 collagen itself makes up 70% of your skin. Research has show that Marine (fish) collagen consists of smaller peptides (pieces of protein) sources and as a consequence is 1.5 times more easily digested, absorbed and distributed throughout the body. , That is why Reverse Life is a targeted high quality and high dosage Collagen supplement. 

Reverse Life Hydrolysed Marine Collagen is packed with 10,000mg of Type 1 Marine sourced collagen in each 25ml serving, with a delightful natural berry flavour. It also contains a selection of essential vitamins and 50g of effective Hyaluronic Acid to really provide a skin-saving potion. The 10,000mg of high quality hydrolysed (the most digestible form) collagen is a mega dose in comparison to other leading brands. It is supported by 125mg of Vitamin C to stimulate the benefits of absorption. Further, the Hyaluronic Acid helps retain moisture in the skin to keep it hydrated and bring out a radiance in your overall complexion. There is also an added Vitamin B complex that supports skin structure even further. It is also produced with a non-GMO formulation, that includes only natural fruit flavours and colours and is free from gluten, yeast, soya, nuts, eggs, wheat and sugar. 

Reverse Life suggest 25ml (one cap full) daily for optimal effect and they even say you will see the results in as little as TWO weeks! 

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