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Mother’s Day 2023


Mother's Day is universally celebrated to thank every mother, mama, mum or mom, for their love and care, as well as cherish the beauty of life, creation and mother nature. To celebrate, Hashtag Life has sourced 17 different beauty gift ideas for that precious mother and carer.

mother day skincare




WelleCo Australia, founded by the stunning Elle Macpherson, is all about enriching the body with plant-based wellness, in the form of vitamins and supplements, which she calls “ingestible beauty”.

For Mother’s Day we love two of her bestselling products, The Skin Elixir™ and The Collagen Elixir. As you age, you undeniably become more conscious of what you ingest whilst seeking to give your skin and cells a nutritional boost. 

The Collagen Elixir, £45.00, is the most powerful collagen formula on the market, incorporating a powerful blend of sustainably-sourced marine collagen peptides, sourced from 100% wild-caught North Pacific fish, as well as natural vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, silica and digestive enzymes that help to hydrate from within for healthy, radiant skin, hair and nails. You can add this powerful powdered collagen to hot or cold drinks, smoothie, or even in your pancakes and omelettes!

The Skin Elixir, £35.00, contains 60 capsules of a powerful vegan blend of natural greens and skin-supporting ingredients in a convenient, bioavailable capsule for a healthy glow from soul to skin. Taking inspiration from our iconic premium greens powder, The Super Elixir™, The Skin Elixir is designed specifically to support a clear, glowing complexion in supercharged, on-the-go vegan capsules that are non-GMO, gluten and dairy-free.



Transformulas®, by the wonderful beauty entrepreneur Rosi Chapman, was created using her passion for skincare, to design products that give instant visible results, as well as long-term benefits. Rosi has created a selection of deeply researched products that offer anti-aging and restoring properties, as well as instant skin fixing solutions.

There are two main ranges by Transformulas, Marine Miracle and Flawless. These products combine the science and biologically active ingredients to provide tightening and lifted benefits to the skin. 

For Mother’s Day, we recommend choosing from these two gift sets, or perhaps both:

  • Marine Queen, £65.00,  includes the iconic signature Marine Miracle Creme and Marine Miracle EyeZone that tightens and radiates skin from within. This luxurious wonder cream smooths, soothes & hydrates whilst reducing fine lines.
  • MaMa Glow, £65.00, brings you the powerhouse duo, Flawless PhotoGlow and Flawless EyeWake up, as well as the Flawless EyeRetouc, a phenomenal concealer that is light yet extremely effective! All Flawless products contain SPF 30 and provide 100% increase in skin luminosity after 14 days. 



Forever Living is a US company that has been around since 1978, and well-loved around the globe. Forever brings Aloe Vera to every family in different form from skincare to drinks and gels. All the products incorporate natural and undiluted super-powerful Aloe Vera, sourced only from the company’s own family-run farms.

One of our recent discoveries from Forever Living has been the Infinite by Forever Advanced Skincare System, a great anti-ageing collection of products. Aloe Vera is combined with peptides, natural minerals, botanicals, desert plants to enhance its benefits. Every product in this system has been carefully formulated to work together in harmony to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the smoothness of skin and support beauty from the inside out. In this system, you will find:

  • Infinite Hydrating Cleanser: A cleanser that increases skin hydration rather than dehydrates. Gentle and very nourishing.
  • Infinite Firming Serum: Packed with a breakthrough formula of three-amino-acid peptide, proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while conditioning and moisturising the skin.
  • Infinite Firming Complex: We often forget that beauty needs to be encouraged from within the body. So this is Forever’s first exclusive beauty supplement. Two tablets taken daily will support multiple internal body systems as well as your overall health and skin appearance.
  • Infinite Restoring Crème: This anti-ageing moisturiser contains over fifteen different skin-conditioning ingredients. It seal in all the powerful benefits of Forever’s potent ingredients, in order nourish your skin and keep it looking younger.



A long-time favourite for spa treatments is ESPA, offered at many hotels and spa sanctuaries around the UK and globally. Now you can gift your mum her own at home spa experience.

There is so many great products to choose from for the body, face, hair, and home. Our favourite picks includes the ESPA Restful Pulse Point Oil, £21.00, offering your mum a guaranteed good night’s sleep, thanks to the relaxing properties of Lavender. has the power to transform our wellbeing. It will encourage your mum to enjoy a calming evening routine that promotes a sense of wellbeing. The soothing aromatherapy blend is conveniently sized to be the perfect bedside companion.

Another favourite for mother’s home and sanctuary is the ESPA Energising Candle, available in two sizes, £37.00 and £55.00. The candle has the power to recharge your inner battery, so you feel engaged and reinvigorated. This is a hand-poured natural soy wax candle, infused with a blend of aromatherapy oils, including invigorating Peppermint, refreshing Eucalyptus and clarifying Rosemary to focus the mind.



We love the Head-to-Toe Selfcare Ritual Set from Olverum, on special offer for £115.60. This special set comes with sensual and aromatherapeutic oils perfect for a relaxing bath, and daily massage onto face and body. You can customise with your preferred Body Oil.

The Body Polish will leave skin smooth and glowing from first time, and perfect companion to any one of the Olverum Body Oils. 

We highly recommend The Firming Oil, which will have your mum thanking you right ahead of summer’s bare legs because it gives a tightened and toned sensation when massaged in daily. 

We are also obsessed with The Facial Oil mixed in with your favourite serum right before bed. Your mum will wake up to smooth, restored,  and moisturised skin.



Odile Lecoin is named after the legacy of famous Parisian facialist, and in her steps Odile Lecoin has created the OR range, meaning “gold”, to epitomise the purity and luxury of the natural ingredients used. Our favourite pick from this chic range is the beautiful gel cream, OR Je Vis, £125.00. 

This gel cream is designed to refresh and protect the skin thanks to exclusive, high-performance molecules of anti-ageing ingredients which stimulate the skin’s natural defences. Ideal for sensitive skin, which is great for treating mum with carefully thought out gifts. Odile promises that with continued use OR Je Vis helps skin regain its balance, comfort and luminosity. The texture of this moisturiser is really unique and beautifully sinks whilst still ensuring that skin feels hydrated and soothed.

The entire Odile Paris OR range is aimed at improving the skin’s natural defences and restore radiance, for a firmer and brighter complexion. The OR capsule is designed to treat different areas and for daily AM and PM application, making the entire range an amazing experience should you really wish to treat your mum!



Pigmentation starts as early as in women’s 20s and affects all skin tones, especially melanin-rich skin, and leads to dark spots, uneven tone & texture and dullness. Algenist has a solution and for which your mother will be thanking you. The new Blue Algae Vitamin C Serum is  a Regenerative Source pure Ascorbic Acid (aka Vitamin C). It is derived from Spirulina, a blue-green algae that is considered one of the healthiest sources of trace minerals for the body. But its great for the skin too!

Vitamin C sourced from Blue Algae outperforms any other synthetic “orange” version of Vitamin C. This pure Vitamin C is concentrated into a serum to penetrate deep into the skin surface and enhance brightness & luminosity, even out skin tone, smooth texture and help improve the visible signs of photoaging – for overall improved skin clarity. Simply, after cleansing, apply 1-2 pumps to entire face, neck and décolleté. For optimal results follow with a favourite Algenist moisturizer.

Available to purchase from Cult Beauty for £56.00.



Crystal Clear is the award-winning skincare brand, founded by UK beauty entrepreneur, Sharon Hilditch, MBE. Crystal Clear is a leading innovator in skin rejuvenation, with a broad anti-ageing line of skincare products as well as in-clinic facial technology. The brand is available in over 3000 UK salons, exported internationally, and a fan-base from global celebrities such as Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. We love the brand new Super Booster shots, which are powered with ultra-high levels of scientifically-proven and efficacious active ingredients. The products are designed to be used as an ‘active treatment’ layer on the skin beneath your usual serum, moisturiser and make-up or alternatively a few drops can be added and stirred into your existing serum or moisturiser to give them an active boost. We love the potent Hyaluronic 98% Pharma Grade Serum. This booster is packed with hydration, which skin soaks up instantly and leaves your face feeling hydrated and looking radiant for hours. We also recommend the Wipe Away The Years Cleanser, a best-selling cleansing milk, that goes above and beyond any other cleanser we have recently tried! This Cleanser smells divine thanks to the orange blossom and grapefruit extracts. This is a super cleanser, containing crushed precious stone Toumalia, which is both gentle on the skin as well as effective in removing dirt and pollutants. And where would super cleansing and super hydrating be without miracle moisturising? Well, we are so impressed by Crystal Clear’s Instant Anti-Ageing Moisturiser. It is packed full of high percentage anti-ageing ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000, Bio-peptides and Synake, hailed as ‘Botox in a bottle’. This is our favourite product so far tried!  Shop all products at LookFantasic or visit Crystal Clear online.


It’s a bestseller for a reason. Do want to make a mum feel beautiful and bring radiance to her daily look? Then gift the Charlotte’s Magic Cream skincare range. Famous for being an instant turnaround moisturiser, loved by celebrities and supermodels. 

Charlotte understands all skin types, and her skincare is designed to make ageing or mature skin glow with or without make-up.  Mother and daughters will attest to the visible skins of soft, radiant, smooth skin in just a few days of using the products twice daily.

Dryness and dullness are replaced with the dew of youth and gift of luminosity. The Moisturiser boasts a potent blend of plumping, firming, and line reducing complexes that rapidly bestows a luminosity to the skin. Perfect when paired with the Magic Serum Crystal Elixir.  There is also the extra hard working Night Cream, which feels balm-like and once applied regularly transforms skin overnight. For summer we recommend the Light Magic Cream, which also works well under heavier make-up as a primer.



The power of the Raspberry, from its pulp to the seed, is at the heard of brand new skincare brand Kelsey Farms. The brand is rooted in science and sustainability, with a unique formula of enzymatically activated raspberry seed oil, called Ez Rubus Id®, combined with clinically proven actives. Consider this the “farm to face” of sustainability. The skincare products are produced from excess raspberries that are not bought by retailers for consumption.

Raspberry is considered a superfood because it is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, so it is just as good for our skin as our health! There are three products available in the new range.

Full Bloom, £95.00 is the superhero facial oil concentrate for day and night hydration, as well as plumping and lifting skin thanks to the full spectrum of Omega oils. Three Moons Brightening Concentrate, £85.00, will help promote a bright and even skin tone, great for older skin types with age spots or hyper-pigmentation. Great for massaging into hands too! Morn to Eve Global Protection Concentrate, £80.00, helps protect the skin barrier from free-radicals and environmental damage such as pollution and blue light. Best used after cleansing and Full Bloom!

11. MUM & BABY


Created by dermatologist and authority of Chinese Medicine, Mazin Al-Khafaji, this is the perfect skincare gift to a mum during pregnancy, or for a new mum and her baby’s skin. 

The Mum & Baby SKincare Set, currently on special offer for £134.00, comes with four face and body care bestsellers to cleanse, soothe and deeply nourish skin. Most importantly,  it is SLS and Paragon free, so all the products keep delicate skin happy, calm and healthy from top to toe.

Our favourite has to be the Honeysuckle Cleansing Wash, Jin Yin Hua, which gently purifies, regulates sebum, and conditions, for radiant, supple and protected skin. This is truly well-researched and pure skincare for any mum and baby to enjoy.



Trophy Skin are well-loved for their at-home beauty technology. We cannot get over the MicrodermMD

Everyone knows that the best spa facials will always involve a microdermabrasion step. This is the most effective way of removing the dead cells on the surface of your skin.  Microdermabrasion relies on a real diamond tip to buff and smooth skin, targeting rough patches and large pores resulting in smoother, softer and a more radiant face and neck. MicroDermMD comes with 8 suction levels, and 3 treatment modes, featuring auto, sensitive and manual mode. The set comes with 100 tips, which will last you over a year. A wonderful pampering gift for mum.

Available to purchase directly from Trophy Skin online, or via Amazon, currently £204.00.



Gone are the days of scrubbing your face with harsh exfoliants and granules. The best cleansing tool can effectively cleanse and massage the face without any harshness. The Silk’N Bright Cleansing Brush is our favourite in the market.

We love it because it focuses on removing dirt and make-up residue, as well as unclog pores. The silicone based brush is easy to clean, meaning you can be sure to keep your skin clear from unwanted dirt.The massage also ensures there is better blood circulation in the face, which in turn will encourage collagen formation and tighter and more radiant looking skin. Follow your cleansing step with your favourite Serum and Moisturiser, especially when you are spoilt for options in this feature!

Available to purchase from Silk’N online, RRP £50.00.



Mum’s hair is going to look salon professional with Hot Tool’s easy to use The One-Step Blow Dry & Detachable Volumiser. The brush is big, and has multi-levelled bristles, making it easier to gain volume without being tough on hair.

The One-Step Blow Dry & Detachable Volumiser, with its innovative design, allows for easy and on-the-go salon blow-dries in half the time of usual blowdryers. The technology includes Thermaglide™ Ceramic Coating, which is fabulous as it works to create even heat distribution and a healthy shine to freshly styled locks. So you don’t need to worry about over-heating hair or breakages.The detachable brush means that you can easily clean the bristles, and store away in two parts.

Available to purchase from Hot Tools online, RRP £69.99.



Eyeko understands different skin tone and skin textures, meaning there is a make-up product suitable for everyone. We love the tonal and shimmers of the latest Eyeko Limitless Eyeshadow Palettes.

The eyeshadows are available in 3 different palettes, each offering highly-pigmented and crease-proof earthy colours. They are perfect for mum because they are buildable and blendable, and will make her eyes pop whilst still looking elegant!



If your mum or grandmother suffer from sensitivity then we recommend the exceptionally  formulated Sensifine Repairing Soothing Night Oil, £28.00. 

One of the hero products from SVR’s Sensifine range. The science behind the Sensifine range is that in the evenings the skin haults its barrier function, and that means it is the best time to penetrate the skin with the correct oils to benefit the skin. The Night Oil infuses the skin with a battery of antioxidants, which will protect the skin from the effects of free radicals, Omega-3 and Omega-6, anti-inflammatories that will soothe the skin and strengthen its barrier function. 

Sensifine Repairing Soothing Night Oil has a light, enveloping texture, thanks to Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil – and as with all SVR products – they only allow a maximum of 10 ingredients in their products. The oil melts immediately on contact with the skin to comfort without weighing down sensitive and tired skin. Its silky finish, with no greasy or sticky effect, will not mark your pillows. 



Kivu Skincare’s co-founders, Dr Benedetta Brazzini, leading Harley Street dermatologist,  and Manuela Gabbai, sought to create skincare that combines simplicity, efficacy and above all the knowledge and experience of a leading Dermatologist. One of the hero products is the Firming SerumThis is great for mums and women 40+. It is also great for those who suffer from redness and skin irritation as a consequence of excessive sun exposure.

The hero ingredient is Helix Aspersa secretion, commonly known as snail mucus, and you get 85% potency in the Firming Serum. This is a revolutionary  healing ingredient.

The serum also includes Witch Hazel, which carries a multitude of beneficial properties including, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, tightening and antiseptic. A couple of pumps is all you need every day and night. The Firming Serum glides on smoothing and is quickly absorbed to get to work on diminishing fine lines and blemishes. 

Available to purchase at Kivu online or at FeelUnique, 50ml priced at £105.00.

To all the Mothers and Carers out there,

We thank you and wish you a very happy day shared with loved ones.

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