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The Morpheus 8 Facelift by Sadaf Jaffari

From the moment you meet Sadaf Jaffari, you can’t help but see how talented, driven, and extremely passionate she is about her work and achievements, not to mention she is also naturally graceful and beautiful. Every single client is important to Sadaf, and she will focus on achieving the best outcome for their face and body concerns. So it is no wonder that I chose my skin tightening treatment to be with her. I visited Sadaf three times over 6 months for Morpheus 8, and I am so excited to finally share my experience.

Meeting Sadaf Jaffari

My first acquaintance with Sadaf started with 45 minutes of me lying on the treatment bed, whilst we waited for the numbing cream set in, chatting away about everything and anything cosmetic and otherwise. Sadaf was keen to get to know me as her new client and be fully present to answer all my questions about the upcoming treatment. 

Having visited a lot of clinics, I have seen my fair share of boiler plate experiences, where you’re either being rushed in and out within a few minutes, or have a facial spent in silence with classical music in the background. That might suit some people, but for me it was thoroughly refreshing to have time with Sadaf to learn about her work and ask questions about my upcoming Morpheus 8 treatment. 

Sadaf Jaffari, founder of Sadaf Jaffari Clinic, located on Oakley Street, Chelsea, London

Sadaf has been practicing Aesthetics for well over a decade, and completed her Level 7 qualification whilst training with some of the most notable surgeons and aesthetic doctors in the UK as well in Dubai. A notable mentor is Dr Sachin who was the first to notice her talent and pushed her to delve deeper into her skills and techniques. As a business women and leader in her field, she has assisted a number of clinics grow their beauty offerings, recommending the products and technologies that will give the best results. She was one of the first to partner with Coolscuplting. Following success in running clinics in North West London, Harley Street, and Chelsea, Sadaf has now relocated to her own clinic on Oakley Street, just off the Kings’ Road in Chelsea. 

It’s no reason why her current wait list can often be as long as two months. Sadaf spoke to me about her client portfolio, from Middle Eastern royalty, to Americans flying in for the day, to celebrities and clients whom she’s known for over 15 years. 

Exciting times for Sadaf and clients lies ahead!

Sadaf's Approach To Morpheus 8

InMode's Morpheus 8
One of the treatment rooms at Sadaf Jaffari Clinic

Morpheus8 is one of the cosmetic technologies created by world-leading InMode. Morpheus 8 has been around for a number of years, and is still the best skin tightening minimally invasive technology that you will find available at a professional cosmetic clinic. Morpheus 8 comprises of a handheld device that simultaneously combines radio frequency “RF” energy with microneedling, available with different depths depending on the area being treated and the skin concern. The RF and Microneedling combine to trigger a healing cascade that stimulates new collagen and elastin production. Imagine small wounds being created at the same time as heating up the skin. It is the optimal treatment for someone looking to remodel and contour the face without going under the knife. There are different modals and frequencies, it takes an experienced and well-trained practitioner to give you the optimal treatment. That practitioner needs to know when to apply Microneedling at 4mm depth for under skin tightening, versus 2cm depth for prominent wrinkles, and when to decrease the temperature from 40 to 38 degrees.  


Sadaf’s technique when using Morpheus 8 is best in class. She will not let you leave feeling or looking the same as you walked in. That is because Sadaf applies dynamic settings when using Morpheus 8. Dynamic because she will allocate specific depths for the needles that is tailored to your skin type, thickness, color, and laxity.  That is why studying your face before starting the treatment course is so important. 

Detail and studying your face means everything to Sadaf. Sadaf does not do things in half-measures. From the outset she told me “you’ll need 3 sessions of Morpheus 8. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, the body needs time to react to the treatments and you can only get the best results through targeted treatment and consistency”. She was very clear that she wants me and people who look at me to see how good my skin looks.  

Morpheus 8 Treatment Steps

Waiting for the numbing cream to kick in
Keeping very still as Sadaf treats my neck area

We started each session with the cleansing and numbing phase. Sadaf class and sterilizes the skin and then applies copious amounts of  the numbing cream. In a flash, the 45 minutes of progressive numbing passes. It definitely helps, but it’s only topical, so the pain of the micro needling is still be felt below the skin surface. 

I have labelled the micro needling as ‘stapling’, because the pain is excruciating. But if it doesn’t hurt then the Aesthetician you’ve booked with isn’t doing it properly. It’s that simple. Sadaf admitted that she has clients who cry from the pain, and she blots away their tears and then carries on. In my case, Sadaf said “you could be a Morpheus 8 model” because of how I persevered throughout each section and kept so still! That definitely gave me courage. In those staple moments, you just have to tell yourself Sadaf has done this so many times, she knows what she’s doing, and without pain there is no gain. 

I was warned that the same area will receive multiple staples. So if you don’t get that with other Aestheticians then you’re not being treated properly. What feels like a staple of multiple needles going through your skin is actually shots of heat. But interestingly it doesn’t feel hot like a “stone massage”, just repetitive piercing pricks. Sadaf explained that she will normally go over an area once with 3mm, then 2mm, then 1mm. The forehead and around the orbital region were only “stamped” once as they have more bone and muscle, and less fat pads. The 3mm and 2mm work on multiple levels of the dermis, whereas 1mm is more for retexturing the surface. The combination means that Sadaf is treating under the skin as well as the surface for tightening and relaxing wrinkles. 

Visible track marks following first session of Morpheus 8
Day 1 following treatment experienced swelling

Sadaf treated the entire face, including the chin and jawline, under the chin and neck, as well as behind the ears; to achieve the maximum potential for a full facelift. To give you an idea of the amount of micro-needling I endured – I had 211 stabs just on forehead. In total, per session I had about 1400-1500 shots. Sadaf mentioned how some clinics only run once over each section of the face, can leave gaps, and only do 300-500 shots in the entire treatment of face and neck. So in short, one session with Sadaf is like 3 sessions elsewhere. Just let that sink in.I recall the end of my first session. I was invited to look in the mirror, but was forewarned of some swelling. As soon as I looked I was shocked! I looked like “Quasimodo” – the face was very swollen, thankfully the numbing cream kept me oblivious to the pulses going through my face. Sadaf assured me this is normal in many patients with sensitive skin, but that it would be back to normal size within 30-45 mins, and I should take Ibuprofen and antihistamine to help with the inflammation. I left Sadaf’s clinic feeling like I had the most painful experience, with the loveliest person that I had met in a long time.

Healing Process

The following day I did wake up with swelling all over my face, Andy face was slightly sensitive to the touch and was warm to the touch. The photo shows my face within first 5 minutes of waking up. the swelling subsided a lot within an hour. Drinking water and taking an ibuprofen helped a lot. 

Sadaf gave some recommendations for helping with the healing process. She recommended not to wash your face for 24 hours because the micro wounds might open and cause bacteria to get in. The Clerispect really helps in this regard. She also stated that no Vitamin C, Retinols, or any actives. After 48 hours can start using a water based moisturizer. She stressed that one must drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated and supple. A non-negotiable for anyone who has had any micro-needling, RF, Ultrasound, or laser type treatment is to apply high sunblock and sunscreen. The skin takes time to renew and as such will be sensitive for a few weeks post-treatment. 

Day 1 afternoon after treatment
Day 2 after treatment
Day 3 after treatment
Day 5 after treatment

Second & Third Sessions

Sadaf explained that my first treatment was focused on fixing the skin texture, tightening the pores and evening out the skin’s smoothness. The second and third treatment Sadaf focuses more on skin tightening, which comes from within and under the skin epidermis. To add further benefit. Sadaf adds an Elastin-based Mesotherapy liquid while the pores are open and she has a window to get the product to be absorbed quicker and deeper under the skin.

In my second and third appointments, Sadaf gave me a sterilizing spray called Clinisept+ to use for the first 24 hours instead of washing my face with water, and to continue using for the first few days whenever I would feel my skin was getting oily or congested. This spray definitely helped avoid a breakout too, which was an issue for me after the first session as the skin surface was purging. All in all the first session was the hardest in terms of pain and recovery. By the third session I was happily socializing with friends by the third or fourth day.

One thing I did notice for the first month after my third session was that my face would sometimes get quite dry and itchy. I believe that is partly due to the change to colder weather, and so I needed to moisturise my face more. However, it could also be my skin’s heightened sensitivity as a result of Morpheus 8. For this, I avoided using Vitamin C or AHA products for the entire month after my final Morpheus 8 session, and instead use La Roche-Posay Toleriane for cleansing my face twice daily, and Avène Cicalfate+ as a moisturiser to replenish my skin barrier. That has helped keep my skin clear from blemishes and better protected from irritation.

During second session with Sadaf for Morpheus 8
Immediately after second session with Sadaf for Morpheus 8
Day 3 following second session of Morpheus 8
Day 3 after third session - barely any spots or swelling
No make-up selfie one week after third session of Morpheus 8

Results over 6 months

I am most impressed by three significant improvements following all three Morpheus 8 sessions. Firstly, I can definitely see a sharper jawline, with the pocket of fat under my chin being less visible. I still have obvious smile-lines, but the line on my left side is less deep when my expression is relaxed.  The third significant improvement is around the eye orbital area. I feel my brow and corners of my eyelids are lifted and on’t droop like the did a year ago. 

Overall Sadaf’s work stands out from all the other Morpheus 8 users out there. In fact, I know that my experience has been the best because I see the results and my skin feels completely different than it did 6 months ago, and the only think that has changed has been visiting Sadaf for treatment. She also showed me dozens of before and after photos on her phone of past and current clients and their results were even better than mine! Infact, I believe Morpheus 8 is most suited for people with mature skin laxity, wrinkles and deeper forehead lines. Sadaf told me that one of her regular clients books for a Morpheus 8 top-up every 6 months and has completely stopped Botulinum Toxin injections, because the side effect of toxin products over time is to create unwanted wrinkles in other parts of the face or “dents” and you can’t resort to freezing the entire face. Sadaf recommended Morpheus 8, and the client has never gone back! I saw the photos, and I made a mental note, “remember Morpheus 8 in 2023”!

Only need light make-up following one month after third Morpheus 8

Sadaf is bubbly, extremely knowledgable, and not afraid to tell you what treatment you need and who to go to if she doesn’t offer it.  She doesn’t sell you something just because she has it, she wants clients who become friends, and treatments that become success stories. That honesty and diligence is hard to find within the complexity and competition of the cosmetic industry.

I am already looking forward to my next Morpheus 8 treatment at the end of this year. I have learnt to love the pain because I realised that the results just get better with time and good skincare.

Sadaf Jaffari with her lovely team at the Clinic on Oakley Street, Chelsea, London. All photos of Sadaf are courtesy of Sadaf Jaffari Clinic

Sadaf Jaffari Clinic 
6A Oakley Street
London SW3 5NN

Contact the Clinic here or call Reception on:
+44 (0)7456 935 887



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