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Clean Beauty

Beauty Brands That Are Truly & Consciously Clean

Joanna in Nihi Sumba, Indonesia, 2018

When we think of our environment, the list of problems are growing bigger than the next gathering at a Davos Summit and faster than the next presidential elections. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to acknowledge that in our lifetime no one is immune to the world facing its greatest challenges, and on a pandemic scale. Within beauty, the problem is real – from the plastics to pollutant chemicals deeply engrained in the industry

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Much has been accomplished in the beauty industry by brands who advocate for the Clean Beauty Movement. We searched for the rising brands of 2020 that are prepared to change the industry from within, by their founding ethos to be 100% clean. You might be asking what does clean even mean? In our efforts to shortlist our favourite brands, we decided that certain criteria had to be met.

  1. There needs to be a commitment, backed by evidence, that these brands don’t take any shortcuts. The evidence needs to show that the brand is focused on deep research and maintaining ethical standards. 
  2. The products must be good enough for our bodies to thank us. It’s really a simple test – just ask yourself “would you give this product to a baby?”.
  3. If the brand is deeply invested in producing the cleanest of products then it is likely they have a small or limited product range, and don’t produce massive batches in each production cycle.
  4. Lastly, brands cannot just label the products “clean”, “sustainable”, “conscious” for popularity reasons, they actually have to show proof that they have sourced, combined and bottled their goods in an eco-friendly way.

So let’s introduce our favourites…



ilody, seres boosted collagen serum, 30ml ~ £70.00
ilody, luxe hydrating radiance serum, 30ml ~ £72.00

Deepika Patel is the founder of ilody, which is the Sanskrit for ‘garden of the gods’. Deepika realised more could be learned from her Indian ancestors and heritage ingredients used in Ayurvedic practises. Ayurveda, which pre-dates any chemical or toxic infusions, is a holistic and ancient healing system that addresses overall wellbeing through diet, plant based remedies and practises such as Yoga. Deepika has brought these Ayurvedic principles to modern skincare routines so that ilody’s ingredients are steeped in history yet formulated for a new generation of modern skincare.

ilody launches with two innovative serums created to tackle our most common skincare woes: seres, the boosted collagen serum and luxmi, the hydrating radiance serum. The light luxmi hydrating serum helps to brighten, plump up and reduce the dullness of your skin. The seres boosted collagen serum is an age defense emulsion that helps to firm your skin, reduce fine lines and improve it’s barrier function.

Both products are formulated without unnecessary synthetic ingredients, as ilody aims to use naturally-derived ingredients wherever possible without compromising on safety and efficacy. Deepika and her brand believe in holistic skincare using products as an integral part of your overall health and wellbeing, be it ingredients, performance or ritual. 

“I wanted to create beautiful skincare that worked with modern women’s lives, and I drew upon my inherited knowledge with a focus on Eastern plant botanicals which are at the heart of our products.”

– Deepika Patel, founder of ilody

seres boosted collagen serum, 30ml, £70.00
luxmi hydrating radiance serum, 30ml, £72.00

seres boosted collagen serum, 30ml

Seres means ‘people of silk’ and the name lends itself to this light, satin-textured serum. An age defence emulsion serum designed to boost collagen in the skin and treat the signs of ageing, from fine lines and wrinkles to dullness and slackness. It is formulated with key pro-collagen ingredients such as bakuchiol, the natural retinol from the Indian babchi seed traditionally used in Ayurveda for chronic skin conditions.

Bakuchiol has been clinically compared to retinol, revealing skin that is plump and firmer. The serum also contains Centella asiatica, a herb which helps to repair UV damage and stimulate collagen production. Other key ingredients include omega 6-rich safflower, wakame, a type of algae rich in minerals, polysaccharides and vitamins to support moisture in the skin.

luxmi hydrating radiance serum, 30ml

Luxmi means goddess of fortune and this golden fluid gives skin a radiant glow. A hydrating lightweight serum to treat dry, dehydrated skin. Packed with radiance-enhancing actives that improve skin tone, skin texture and reduce dullness for a more natural, healthier glow, luxmi is designed to absorb quickly into the skin and uses a blend of bio–actives that detoxify and brighten the complexion. 

Key ingredients include black tea kombucha, a traditional fermented drink which increases skin volume, significantly improves skin texture and evens overall skin tone by boosting rosier hues while reducing the dull beige. Alongside it, tremella mushroom (snow fungus), a natural hydrator rich in vitamin D and polysaccharides, holding 500 times its weight in water helping to keep skin hydrated and plump. Also infused with Uva ursi (bearberry leaf), naturally occurring arbutus, which helps to brighten skin and reduce age spots by inhibiting melanin production. Finally, Persian silk tree, which reduces signs of fatigue and dullness, much needed in combating the demands of the modern world. 

GLOW Tip: Add a couple of drops of Luxmi serum to your favourite foundation – not only will you feel deeply relaxed by the aromatic botanical scent, but your skin will benefit from the serum working deep into the skin whilst also giving you skin a natural highlighted glow. 


Opulent Wood, 75ml, £160.00

“The most complicated with water plant emulsion is to stabilize the Woody scents in the aqueous formulas. We wanted to challenge ourselves to make it possible from the beginning. If this is possible, everything else will be possible. And we proudly overcame the challenge.”

– Master Perfumer, Antonie Lie

Monsieur Lie is responsible for 3 out of the 4 debut collection scents. A chemist by training and a true artist of his craft, he is renowned for his unique nose and avant garde approach to perfumery. He was the nose behind our Editor’s favourite Tom Ford scent – Cafe Rose, and is also known for Burberry Brit Gold, Armani Code Black Code, Versace Crystal Noir, amongst many other scents. So until you try Maison Sybarite for yourself, you can take our word that Monsieur Lie is a perfume master! 

Perfumery is new to the clean living efforts, partly due to the complexity of creating long lasting scents without the toxicity of alcohols. People who consciously choose to live on clean beauty and clean food often miss out when it comes to their perfume choices. This could be due to lack of authentic brands, or failing to find perfumes that give that rich and long-lasting aroma. However, we believe Maison Sybarite is hands-down at the fore-front of both clean and luxurious perfumery.

The French brand’s debut collection includes “eau de parfum” in four sophisticated scents: 720, Opulent Wood, Bed of Roses and Spicy Calabria. All fragrances are gender-neutral with ingredients that create a hybrid of woody and fresh scents. A fifth scent is due for release soon: Amber Gaze, a jasmin and violet floral aroma with the added complexity of patchouli and sandalwood, developed by Maison Sybarite’s perfumer of choice, Antonie Lie

Maison Sybarite only select ingredients that they believe to be safe components for long term use. They are totally devoted to keep body, skin and the environment safe and healthy.  As such, the formulas are alcohol-free, non-oily, and non-sticky while preserving their smell sensitivity. Instead of the alcohol commonly used in the industry (e.g.: ethanol) they bind synthetic or natural aromatic compounds and plant-based essential oils together in an innovative water plant emulsion. Other brands who are also producing clean perfumery still use components such ingredients such as glycerol, silicons, surfactants etc, which as not so great on the environment and still contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. However, Maison Sybarite chose the purist option, oil-in-water, and this process is the cleanest and least pollutant option available in the perfume industry and is actually 100% consumable. With one spritz you will feel the sensorial effects of how these perfume are kind to the skin, long-lasting, and full bodied.

Maison Sybarite fragrances are currently available in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Romania, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, UAE, and United States. For more information or stockists visit the website, or view their Instagram profile.

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