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Pietro Simone Skincare

Ultra-Luxe Skincare From Beauty Expert Pietro Simone

The Essential Collection, by Pietro Simone

Those who know me will confirm that I have a thing for new discoveries, be it in my travels, gastronomy experiences, fashion investments or beauty choices. This latest discovery is by far my most exciting luxury beauty find – Pietro Simone Skincare.

Pietro’s skincare line is inspired by his philosophy “Skin is the Theatre of Life”, and as Pietro says, “Ladies and Gents please take your seats”.

I will confess, I have tried a fair share of budget and upscale beauty products. I have gone to local stores to pick up my childhood favourite blue liquid cleanser (you probably know the one), but I have also gone to extreme lengths for my skincare; I have put my name down on waiting lists for new serum launches, proudly trained myself to sleep on my back for the sake of my night cream, and patiently waited for facial bookings with the best therapists. I’ve even been one of those shoppers who goes for the limited edition “Exclusive to Harrods” version. But it is rare that I tell myself as I use the last bit of product  “Oh, I have got to buy another one”. I am normally happy to move along to another brand. 

So when I came across Pietro Simone I wasn’t sure what to expect. But from my very first experience trying his Discovery Kit, I could tell the products were refreshingly different. I am so obsessed. So I hope you’re well-relaxed in your seat to hear more.

About Pietro Simone

Pietro Simone, was born and raised in Italy, and has over 15 years experience in the luxury beauty and wellness industry. 

At the impressive age of 32, in 2016, he founded the Pietro Simone Clinic in Belgravia, London, and shortly after launched his first Pietro Simone Skincare range, called the “Essential Collection”. The range is divided into 8 “Acts” providing each of his clients with a comprehensive array of products to suit all skin types. In late 2019, he launched the “Prestige Collection”.  

His London Clinic, wonderfully dubbed the “Skin Theatre”, offers an array of face and body treatments combining high-tech devices with the Pietro Simone Skincare, and custom massage and product application techniques. He has clients travelling in to his clinic from the United States, Germany, Austria, Russia, Israel, and Saudi Arabia to name a few. He recently he launched in New York, at the Greenwich Hotel’s Shibui Spa in Manhattan.

Pietro has a love and respect for the Italian way of doing things. He spent years hunting for a mixture of active ingredients from across Italy to be the foundation of his line’s formulations. So it is only fair that Pietro has called his special formulation the Italian Bella Complex™. The ingredients include cold-pressed tomato seed oil lipoactive from Puglia, edelweiss cell cultures sourced from the Northern Italian Alps, annurca apple from Vesuvio’s volcanic region and Tuscan grapeseed oil. No other skincare founders in my mind have gone to such lengths to source essential oils and natural science-based ingredients. All of the above ingredients capture and reinforce a key Pietro Simone blueprint for skin to look its best, regardless of age and environmental stressors.

Pietro Simone, Founder of Pietro Simon Clinic & Skincare collections
The Essential Collection
The Prestige Collection

Joanna's Favourites

I have been obsessed with Pietro Simone Skincare’s Act 7: Renewing Peel since trying it from the Discovery Kit. I tend to get a bit of a rosacea after travelling and being exposed to strong UV rays. As such, I have a few sun spots and reddish bumps on my cheeks. I apply the Peel after Act 1: Revitalizing Cleansing and a light spritz of a balancing toner. I find that this Peel visibly clears up the redness. It contains three acids – lactic, mandelic and malic – along with aromatic Rose Hip Seed oil, which together give a chemical peel effect to the skin without any irritation. I’ve been using it once to twice per week for about about a month now and I can’t travel without it. I’ve also been regularly using Act 8: Retexturing Mask, which is a gel hydrating mask, and I can honestly say my skin feels so supple, plump, refreshed and an instantly brightened skin texture and tone. I have never had these quick and obvious results from any other skincare. I am very thankful to Pietro Simone for his wonderful range of essential products.

I have also been moisturising with Pietro’s Bio-Recovery from his latest and most sophisticated Prestige Collection. This collection is ultra-luxe, and has been developed to take skin to the next level of restoration, so perfect for more prominent or age related skin issues. Bio-Recovery has a show-stopping formulation, each ingredient is a A-list in its own right. You’ve got nourishing vitamins A, C and E, sunflower and argan oils; all bio-engineered with the ability to deeply penetrate. Then Calendula stem cells, amino and glucuronic acids work to sustain hyaluronic acid renewal, rejuvenating multi-peptides help prevent sagging and build stronger collagen fibres. Vegetable lipo-soluble actives help soothe sun damage, sensitivity and rehydrate skin. 

I am so happy to have tried Pietro Simone skincare, and I will be continuing my discovery of each of his products, and hopefully book myself in at the Clinic to experience a treatment by the very excellent maestro himself. 

Ladies and Gents, stay tuned for the encore!

The Essential Collection and Prestige Collection can be purchased directly from the Pietro Simone website,

 and at various international stockists. All products are available for global shipping.

Pietro Simone Skincare on Youtube

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