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Dr. Levy Switzerland

Dr. Levy Switzerland

Give Your Skin The Stem Cell Miracle Reboot

Dr. Philip Levy

Dr. Philip LEVY was the man to first bring Botox® to Switzerland and invented the Nefertiti Lift®, so it is no surprise that within the last decade he also created Dr. LEVY Switzerland® alongside his two children, and through his exclusive and patented ingredient known as ArganCDV® has proven that ageing is indeed reversible.

Hashtag Life is on the hunt to find the best stem cell skincare out there, and we are extremely excited to discover that the latest Dr Levy Switzerland® launch for Autumn 2020 is the Stem Cell Miracle Reboot Cure. This intensive and complete trial set contains stem cell skincare for the entire face, neck and the décolletage. It’s perfect for anyone who wishes to turn 2020 into time well spent!

What is Stem Cell?

Stem cell technology is a fascinating and complex area of medical research. Since their discovery in 1978, stem cells have been hailed as the saviour of modern medicine – but it was only as far back as in 2009 that the exact location of stem cells was discovered in the skin. In the last decade or so the cosmeceutical industry has developed innovative stem cell based skincare products. Except there’s one major difference here: These stems cells are usually derived from plants (or occasionally animals). However, they work similarly to human stem cells and offer anti-aging benefits for your skin. Both plant and human stem cells contain proteins and amino acids, which signal the body’s cells to rejuvenate and can result in younger-looking skin.

Today, stem cell is the revolutionary weapon in anti-ageing protocol.

“Stem cells are time machines. They can regain their full potential for regeneration thanks to an ultra-targeted activation”

– Dr. Philip Levy

Before and After 8 weeks of using the Eye Booster and Booster Serum, Dr Levy Switzerland ®

The Miracle Reboot Cure

Dr. LEVY Switzerland® skincare is patently protected meaning that you can be sure the products are unique, well researched, and his entire collection is leaps and bounds ahead of other cosmeceutical brands.  

The set is built around Dr Levy’s award-winning  Booster Serum, supercharged with the exclusive ArganCellActiv®, the world’s  first cosmeceutical stem cell extract proven independently to stimulate dermal stem cells in vitro, the original source of your skin’s anti-ageing stock of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

The limited edition set comprises of:

    • Booster Serum, 15ml
    • 3Deep Cleanser, 20ml
    • R3 Cell Matrix Mask, 4ml
    • Eye Booster Concentrate, 3ml
    • Enriched Booster Cream, 4ml
    • Regenerating Silk, 3ml

Dr. Levy’s signature products have undergone extensive research and clinical trials. The Booster Serum has shown in independent clinicals to help decrease fine lines and wrinkles by up to 55%, while durably improving density by more than 30%. The serum’s feather-light, yet nourishing, texture further replenishes the skin from within, while its ultra-concentrated blend of vitamins (A, C, E, Niacinamide), peptides and hyaluronic acid help protect and repair from environmental damage while restoring its radiant glow. 

The best way to experience Dr LEVY Switzerland® is to start with the Miracle Reboot Cure introductory set. The products have been formulated to regenerate your skin from within, and that deliver both an instant glow and plump, as well as a visible skin transformation within a matter of weeks.

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If you are new to the world of stem cells, or perhaps skeptical that anything can beat the effects of botox, then you should try Dr. Levy’s Miracle Reboot Cure introductory set. This set will give your Autumn 2020 blues a full and intense home cure lasting up to 8 weeks, at a fraction of the price (£99). The full Dr. LEVY Switzerland ® range retails at Facegym, CultBeauty, the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridge and select clinics and medi-spas across the UK and worldwide.

Editor's Note


I am so impressed by the Dr. Levy Switzerland Miracle Reboot Cure set. I’ve was particularly drawn to the Eye Booster Concentrate and Booster Serum as I wanted to target the laxity around eye area, those dark circles and those pre-wrinkle “smile creases”. The Eye Concentrate is the product described by many as “the best thing since Botox” so I wanted to test it for myself as I can’t have botox!

The patented  ArganCellActiv® in the Eye Concentrate is designed to provide deep rejuvenating effects to the eye contour, delivering immediately eye-catching lifting and depuffing results.  Half a grain of rice is enough to cover both eye contours. The mini tube contains enough product to last up to 2-3 weeks. Whilst I have finished the concentrate now, I can still see there is a difference in my under eye skin texture, it’s much more hydrated and plump, and I can go with much less make-up under my eye. I’m glad I still have some Booster Serum as well as the CleanserBooster Cream, and Regenerating Silk (great as a primer for the t-zone) to keep me going for a couple more weeks. I hope to bring you more Dr Levy Switzerland coverage in the near future!


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