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An ULTRAcel Experience with Dr. Yusra

An ULTRAcel Experience with Dr. Yusra

In a time before life went into lockdown, Hashtag Life met Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar, for an exclusive interview and to try ULTRAcel. It was an experience worth saving until you can try it too.

Within minutes of entering the Dr Yusra Clinic, I knew I had come to the right place. Dr Yusra is bright and beautiful, and carries herself with a clear sense of conviction.

Why is this important? Well, as I was about to find out, no matter how well we think we know our own skin and face, and no matter how much ‘homework’ we do to clue ourselves up on treatments, the reality is, there is just too much information out there and not enough honest clarity on what the healthiest and most beneficial treatment would be for ourselves

About Dr Yusra

Dr Yusra is a dental surgeon and a medical aesthetic clinician having graduated from both Imperial College and then King’s College in London. She is an advanced experienced facial aesthetic practitioner with several years’ experience in head and neck surgery and skin cancer surgery. Dr Yusra regularly teaches various aesthetic procedures at the Royal College of General Practitioners.

:I visited Dr Yusra in her London Clinic based on Harley Street. The treatment room was filled with state of the art machines. As I happily settled myself into conversation with her, I could tell Dr Yusra was already assessing my facial structure and skin quality. We discussed the ethos of her practice as “natural rejuvenation and restoration”, and that she encourages each patient “to walk out looking good but also as themselves”. I could already tell that this is my kind of clinic; to aspire to look good but not done, fresh but not fake.

 DR YUSRA at her London/Liverpool Clinic.

Dr Yusra's Approach

Dr Yusra is a no-nonsense aesthetic clinician. No silly small chat, nor niceties of which celebrity had sat in my place just moments before me. We went straight to myface business, and that suited me just fine. Dr Yusra will ask you to start by telling her about your skin and face concerns.

Dr Yusra listens and doesn’t interrupt. She watches your expressions, your movements, your frowns and smiles. When I had finished discussing practically all of my facial features, I let out a big sigh waiting for her to agree with all I had said. She smiled, and instead said “we call these the elevens – the gabellar lines”. She had quietly decided that the area most worth discussing with me were my “elevens” aka frown lines and what I had called “dropped eyebrows”. She stressed the importance that all features need to work harmoniously together. That advice is the “wellbeing policy” of her practice and attitude towards your beautification.

The next step was “a before photo”. Eyes wide open Jo…


“The ethos of what I do is natural rejuvenation and restoration. I encourage my patients to avoid over done work on their face. I want them to walk out looking good but also as themselves.” 


 -DR YUSRA.   c  

My ULTRAcel Experience

I’m the kind of person who cannot have Botox injected into the frown lines due to the muscle over relaxing and causing that heavy eyebrow syndrome instead of a wide-eyed fresh look. So I have been in search of a non-invasive treatment that will lift and tighten the brow and forehead area. ULTRAcel can do just that!

What is ULTRAcel?

ULTRAcel is a non-surgical treatment for tightening, smoothing, firming and lifting skin and deeper tissues reducing the appearance of ageing without the down time associated with laser resurfacing or surgical facelift. You need to brace yourself and be patient though, as it is not a quick fix pre-party treatment. It actually works on your face’s muscular level, so you will need give your new self about 3-6 months notice.

How does ULTRAcel compare to Ultheraphy, Morpheus 8, or INTRAcel?

Before deciding to go ahead with ULTRAcel, Dr Yusra helpfully explained that ULTRAcel has overtaken Ultherapy, which was more expensive, painful and slower to show results. Morpheus 8 is a completely different machine, a predominantly needling treatment, and better suited for people who are looking to improve skin texture and tighten areas and lapsed or saggy fat pads, but it is not the one for lifting. ULTRAcel has a similar modality to Morpheus 8 called INTRAcel, which combines the microneedling and radio frequency.All of the above are available at Dr Yusra Clinic.

What does the ULTRAcel treatment involve?

Dr Yusra uses the latest ULTRAcel machine, known as “ULTRAcel II”. It delivers 3 different modalities through one very clever system:

1) Grid Fractional Radio frequency (GFR): This directs heat to the more superficial dermis and epidermis, smoothing out existing collagen and stimulating the production of new proteins, e.g: elastin. This helps remodel collagen cells to tighten the skin. 

2)  Fractional Radio frequency Micro-needling (FRM): Delivers heat to the deeper layers of the skin, causing structures within these dermal layers to tighten.

3)  High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (FUS): Also known as “HIFU”, it targets the deepest layer of the skin, creating ‘’thermal wounds’’, which stimulates the healing process. Collagen is then produced, which tightens and lifts the skin.

These modalities can be used in combination or as stand-alone treatments. As I wanted to see maximum improvement to the forehead area, I opted for the full package. No anaesthetic is needed. The levels of treatment can be adjusted to suit your comfort. I could feel the warm heat of the radio frequency and the prickly effects of the micro-needling. Nothing uncomfortable, and Dr Yusra throughout the procedure would ask me to rate the intensity between 1 to 5 so she could manage it effectively. 

Are there any side effects?

The skin can be red for a few hours or have a sunburnt sensation; this usually resolves within 1-2 days, and is a normal sign that the skin is healing deeply. Sometimes a small bruise can occur. 

What results are expected?

ULTRAcel achieves a combination of short and long term results with minimal or no downtime. Generally, my forehead felt a lot smoother instantly, but for the hollows of the elevens to soften it took about 2 months to see a flatter and tighter area. I was told that the results from the treatment will continue to improve for up to six months.. The results are variable, depending on the original quality of the skin, deeper tissues and degree of damage to be treated. For lower face, brow and neck tightening or lifting, Dr Yusra usually recommends a ‘top up’ session, around 3-4 months after your treatment. 

I suppose one good thing about publishing this feature 3 months after my treatment (and  also 3 months after the stress of lockdown) is that I can confidently say one treatment has made a difference. Being me, I want things at their best potential, so I will hopefully be going back for a top-up, and another informative chat with the wonderful Dr Yusra.

More information

Prices for face ULTRAcel start at £995. You can access more information about ULTRAcel as well as all the services offered by Dr Yusra on her website, as well as book appointments to visit the London or Liverpool Clinic.

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