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Lisa Franklin


At Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé

Lisa Franklin is proud to be the first in the U.K. to introduce InMode EVOKE, an FDA-cleared, state of the art artificial intelligence thermal skin remodelling platform. This technology is ideal to remodel facial tissue and deliver the ultimate in thermal facial procedures in just as few as three sessions.

Lisa Franklin

Lisa Franklin

LISA FRANKLIN Clinic Privé, is the ultimate beauty destination in London. A serene and luxurious haven in the heart of Knightsbridge.

Lisa Franklin, well-known across the beauty and celebrity industry for her elite age-defying facial treatments, boasts 20 years of experience, and has built an envious client list as well as set-up her own beauty clinic on the corner of Brompton Road and Egerton Garden SW7.

The clinic offers bespoke treatments for men and women which include elements such as Rose Quartz Lymphatic Drainage, Oxygen Therapy, Endospheres Therapy, Radio Frequency, High Frequency, LED Therapy, Micro-Needling (SkinPen Precision), Non-surgical Face Lifts, Back Facials, Skin Peels and Retexturing Treatments. Lisa also has an exceptional skincare range, for both women and men, formulated with natural actives, and the finest clinically-proven ingredients.

The best news is that Lisa’s clinic is now the first in the UK to offer EVOKE by InMode facial rejuvenation treatment, launched in the US back in 2017 and now ready to take the UK by storm, with it’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence capabilities to boost skin tightening and fight skin laxity.

Hashtag Life paid a special visit to find out more about EVOKE, and have a go too.


InMode Ltd is a leading global provider of innovative medical technologies. InMode develops, manufacturers, and markets devices harnessing novel radio-frequency (RF) based devices that strives to enable new emerging surgical procedures as well as improve existing treatments. InMode offers its technology in a comprehensive line of products, across several categories for plastic surgery, gynaecology, dermatology, otolaryngology and ophthalmology, with plans to expand into more medical areas, such as urology. It is no wonder its US-stock price just keeps going up!

"Our strong first quarter performance marks another impressive period of growth. Increases in revenues were driven by continued demand for our minimally invasive and hands-free devices in clinics around the world."

EVOKE is one of the latest innovations from InMode, taking the world by storm, both by medics and patients alike. 

EVOKE is an innovative, groundbreaking, and artifically intelligent facial remodelling technology that is non-invasive,   and yet has the ability to restructure the skin and underlying adipose tissues in your face and neck regions. In fact,  with as few as three sessions the EVOKE treatment will  transform your facial structure without the need for surgeries, incisions, or injections. What’s more it is practically hands-free thanks to the A.I. technology! This is truly an industry first for aesthetics.

The treatment is  designed to reorganise the tissues of the face and neck to achieve a more youthful appearance, in particular,  the cheeks, jowls, chin, and neck. 

EVOKE comes with two different head-pieces, one for the cheeks area and the other for under the chin, allowing forl the RF magic to be emitted into your deep tissue. The treatment involves a few steps to be taken by your Therapist before the intelligent EVOKE technology can then really get to work. After that, it’s just you and EVOKE. 

Let’s now dive into our own experience! 


Your supervising therapist will apply a conductor gel to the area of treatment, similar to an ultrasound gel being applied before the ultrasound. This will ensure the area of treatment is targeted,  protected, and doesn’t overheat. 


Then one of the two headpieces will be carefully strapped around your head, allowing the pads that bring the heat to sit in the correct place, and are even on either side. The tighter the better, because if you’re going to be wearing that headpiece for 30 mins you will want to be able to move your head every now and again without dislocating the positions of the pads. Also, if your someone like me who loves to talk to your therapist then you’ll need that headpiece to be chatterbox-secure!


Now the EVOKE technology can be switched on. Your Therapist will watch on the monitor as the temperature rises gradually. At first you will think this is harmless, and within 15 seconds you begin to wonder “how hot is this going to get?!”.


You will then be given a handy panic button, in case you can’t take the heat during the treatment and wish to immediately pause the treatment yourself. As the temperature continues to rise, your Therapist will ask you to test it before allowing EVOKE to carrying on with the temperature rising.


All is well so far, so now the temperature will build up to reach its target of 43 degrees Celsius. You can ask your Therapist to keep EVOKE limited to a lower temperature – but for the best impact it needs to be above 40 degrees. Sadly for the therapist, this is where their role diminishes, because EVOKE is going to do all the hard work now.  


There are three pads, and in alternating movements, each pad heats up for a few seconds at a time. I would say the sensation of is the same as very warm  water trickling down your cheeks. The heat will carry on during the treatment time, eventually you will barely notice anything going on.


You can have the treatment for 30 minutes or an hour, depending on how long you can tolerate the heat. Once your time is done, you can switch over to repeat all treatment for the under chin. The two treatments combined together guarantees a slimmer, more contracted, and tightened  profile and jawline silhouette. 

Immediately after 30 minute session of Evoke Face Treatment

After the session, you may have a small heat mark from where the pads were place, but that should fade within an hour or so, depending on your skin type. 

The results are not instant, since the new collagen will take some time to be produced.

In order to reach optimal results you need at least three 1 hour sessions spaced out over three months to begin to the results. You can also do shorter “lunchtime” sessions of 30 minutes over six sessions.

You need to be patient, and trust in the technology and inner workings of your cells. After one month you should begin to see visible change in the contouring and firmness of the cheeks and jowl area, as well your profile under the chin area will become tighter leaving you with a more defined jawline and slender neck. As we are writing this account shortly after our first session, we cannot comment on the effects personally, but here are some library photos from InMode patients. 

 Who is suitable for EVOKE?

As the treatment is a non-invasive, EVOKE is suitable for people of all ages and skin types. The best kind of candidate for EVOKE is someone who has skin laxity, excess skin, or fatty tissue on your face or neck, droopy jowls, or a double chin. You should consider this procedure if you want to remodel your facial and sub dermal regions without surgery. 

Some candidates could consider using EVOKE once they have had a minimally invasive procedures, such as micro-needling, or undergone chin cyrolipolysis, and wish to tighten the region.

Is there any after-care? 

There are no contraindications for use, or after-care. Only on the day of treatment, should you avoid applying any creams or serums to the areas of treatment. You may feel the region treated is hot to touch for the remainder of the day, but that means the treatment is continuing to work below the skin surface. So you should avoid using any cooling creams or ice.

Images courtesy of Lisa Franklin, InMode US and InMode UK. 


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