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BEAUTY BIO offers the first at-home patented microneedling tool and gem-stone rollers, taking away those “lunchtime treatments” and placing the control right into your own hands. BEAUTY BIO combines their technology with complementary and bestselling topicals, you can boost the efficacy of your skincare by up to 200%. 

The brand has become a favourite with global beauty experts thanks to its honest formulas and results-driven devices. We love the Founder’s Faves Set and its the perfect at home beauty therapy kit.

Beauty Bio Founder's Fave Gift Set, £398.00 from

Do some research and you will be asking yourself how does BEAUTY BIO CEO, Jamie O’Banion, achieves her natural glow? The answer can be discovered in the Founder’s Faves gift set, inspired by her favourite products that are clinically proven to firm, fade wrinkles and enhance the complexion’s health and luminosity. Start with the brand’s award-winning GloPRO microneedling tool to restore volume from the inside out; by day, use the vitamin C-based formula to protect and repair, and by night, rely on vitamin A for an awakened, smoother visage by morning. 

Founder’s Faves also comes with two micro needling heads, one for the face area and one for the eye. Additional parts, such as for the body or the rose quartz, can be bought separately and used on the same device! 

The gift set also includes essentials such as The Cleanser and The Ultimate Hydrating Cream. Our two favourite Beauty Bio products that compliment the microneedling technology are The Daily Intensive Vitamin Cocktail Serum and The Quench Restoring Quadralipid Cream.

  • The Daily is a proprietary combination of a HyperVitamin compound to dramatically boost skin’s antioxidant levels. It helps shield against daily free radical damage, creating a barrier to lock in key actives and even skin tone.
  • The Quench sells out all the time, but luckily it is included in this gift set. Immediately repairing the complexion’s most critical protective barrier five minutes after application! The nutrient-rich ingredients improve tone, texture and hydration, while targeting dryness and fine lines.

BEAUTY BIO is available to purchase at a number of stockists, including their websiteHarrodsCult Beauty, or Current Body.


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