The Marine Miracle Cream

Transformulas® Marine Miracle Cream, 50ml ~ £69.00

Transformulas® is a British cosmeceutical brand, founded by beauty entrepreneur Rosi Chapman, and  specialises in anti ageing & skin care products, and their brand ethos is to provide “beauty without surgery” formulas. That means you can take control of how you improve the deeper layers of your skin and give yourself real radiance, rather than rely on cosmetic procedures to fix the surface for that temporary ‘filter’ look. 

Transformulas® has just the star product to get your skin feeling and look much healthier. It’s called the Marine Miracle Creamwhich we had the pleasure of trying out. In fact we were so impressed by the texture and feel on the face that it is definitely set to rival its competitors, not just for its price but most importantly due to its natural healing benefits. 

The Marine Miracle Cream contains Algea, Sea Kelp, Sea Salt Extracts and the key ingredients and compounds are all based on sea marine science. The cream has a velvety and luxurious feel to it, lightweight and not oily. As soon as you apply the cream to the face you can instantly feel it being absorbed and getting to work beneath the skin. At first you should use it everyday in the morning and at night, but after a couple of weeks you may feel it is perfect as an intensive night cream that can be left uninterrupted to work whilst you sleep. We promise you (or the person who you buy this for as a gift!) will wake up with a fresh, smoother, plumped and ultra-hydrated skin. Some of our  favourite Transformulas gift ideas include:


FLAWLESS Flawless Gift Set, £90.00

FLAWLESS PHOTOGLOW SPF 30+, 50ml  £55.00

The Flawless Photoglow Daily Moisturiser protects skin against UV rays and environmental aggressors. SPF creams are an essential part of daily skin care, and the ultimate complexion transformer. It  also contains anti-aging ingredients, and anti-oxidants for essential daily skin protection while moisturising, rejuvenating and restoring skins natural radiance. Also, it contains Illumiscin helps prevent pigmentation and protect skin against skin discolouration and age spots.

FLAWLESS Eye Wakeup Recovery Serum, 17.5ml £34.00

The Flawless Wakeup restorative Serum is perfect eyecream to use alongside the Flawless Photoglow Daily Moisturiser, for anyone who suffers from dark circles or “puffy” eye bags. This serum is lightweight and absorbs instantly into the delicate eye area. It contains Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration, Eyeseryl to decongest and depute the eye and in particular under-eye. Thirdly, it contains D-Pathenol (a vitamin B5 derivative) which regenerates the delicate skin to smooth and refresh.

These Transformulas Flawless products are currently available to purchase as a gift set along with the FLAWLESS Eye Retouch Instant Perfector pen for a special price of £90.00, making it a fantastic gift choice!


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