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The Four Seasons Hotel First Residence Cairo

The Four Seasons Hotel Cairo

The Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence has a rich history and background. It opened its doors in May 2000 and is located at 35 Giza Street, Giza, Cairo, Egypt. The hotel is part of a prestigious complex that includes high-end boutiques and is flanked by zoological gardens and the western bank of the Nile, offering guests majestic views of the river and the Great Pyramids.

the four seasons hotel first residence cairo
The hotel is known for its classical grandeur and luxurious offerings, including a variety of guest rooms and suites, five-star dining experiences, and a spa with treatments once reserved for Egyptian royalty. It’s also notable for its strategic location within the First Mall complex, which positions it at the centre of Cairo’s vibrant life.
The Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence combines understated elegance with grand architecture, making it a linchpin of the upscale district it resides in. Despite being nearly two decades old, the hotel maintains a timeless appeal with its international dining options, sublime spa, and enchanting river views from nearly every angle. It’s a place where guests can enjoy a blend of modern luxury and historical charm right in the heart of Cairo.

Luxurious Suites

My journey at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence began with a step into a suite that was nothing short of a dream. Overlooking the lush botanical gardens, the suite was a spacious haven of elegance, complete with a living area, a marble bathroom, and a balcony that served as my private observatory to the verdant oasis below.

The First Residence offers a range of luxurious accommodations, each designed to provide an exceptional stay. Some of the best options I would recommend are:

luxurious suites at the four seasons hotel first residence cairo

Premier Room

Spacious and beautifully appointed. Ideal for those seeking comfort and style

Occupancy: Up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. Balcony available upon request.

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Premium Suite

A true indulgence with separate living and sleeping areas. Enjoy panoramic views of the Nile or the Great Pyramids. Amenities: Luxury bath, plush furnishings, and personalized service.

Diplomatic Suite

The epitome of elegance and sophistication. Spacious living room, dining area, and bedroom. Private balcony with stunning views. Perfect for VIPs or special occasions.

Whether you choose a room with Nile views, Pyramids vistas, or both, the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence ensures a blend of modern comfort and timeless luxury. It’s more than accommodation; it’s an invitation to experience Cairo’s grandeur and history.

Breakfast in an Artistic Haven: The Tea Lounge

Breakfast at the Tea Lounge was an experience for the senses. Surrounded by exquisite tapestries, antiques, and a stunning stained glass window that played with the morning light, I found myself dining in the midst of an interior design masterpiece. It was a feast not only for the stomach but also for the eyes; the Tea Lounge represents the unique opulence of this hotel’s design and homage to art and history.

The First Boat

Adjacent to the hotel, is one of it’s most winning features, The First Nile Boat. The First Nile Boat by Four Seasons is a floating epitome of luxury and taste, docked on the tranquil waters of the Nile opposite the First Residence. It is home to a collection of restaurants that offer a diverse array of culinary experiences:

XODÓ: This Brazilian churrascaria and steakhouse serves the finest cuts of meat, complemented by a selection of appetizers, entrées, and fresh salads from an extensive à la carte menu.

Nairu & Nairu Lounge: Offering panoramic views of the Nile, Nairu presents the best of Asian cuisine with dishes from Cantonese, Indian, Japanese, and Thai traditions.

Riva: Positioned at the entrance of the First Nile Boat, Riva is an open-air pizzeria and bar where guests can enjoy brick-oven pizzas, cocktails, and a vibrant selection of antipasto.

Zoé: Stunningly designed and located on the upper deck, Zoé is an all-day Mediterranean and seafood restaurant that provides sweeping views of Cairo and the Nile.

The interiors are a blend of contemporary elegance and nautical charm, with each space offering a unique atmosphere. From the warm, inviting tones of the steakhouse to the sleek, modern lines of the Asian lounge, the design elements are carefully curated to enhance the dining experience; the First Boat is a must visit whether you are staying at the hotel or visiting Cairo.

The First Nile Boat isn’t just about dining; it’s a lifestyle destination. Guests can enjoy the gentle sway of the Nile as they mingle with friends, celebrate special occasions, or simply unwind in a setting that combines comfort with luxury. The boat’s ambiance by night is particularly enchanting, with the Cairo skyline providing a glittering backdrop to an evening of relaxation or revelry.

Retail and Relaxation: First Mall and Poolside Leisure

The First Mall, accessible directly through the hotel, offers a curated selection of luxury brands and dining options, providing a convenient and upscale shopping experience for hotel guests and visitors. The convenience of having the First Mall attached to the hotel meant that luxury shopping was just a few steps away. After a day of retail therapy, Aura restaurant and the outdoor pool deck will become your sanctuary of relaxation. Lounging by the water, let the warmth of the Egyptian sun envelop you, and as evening falls, the live music will gently carry you through the night.

The Heart of Hospitality

The staff and management’s excellence shone through every aspect of our stay. Their attention to detail and commitment to guest satisfaction are evident, making guests feel valued and well-cared for. It’s clear they aren’t just running a hotel; they are curating an experience.

The Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence is a blend of luxury, comfort, and impeccable service. It’s a place where every corner tells a story, every meal is a journey, and every moment is a cherished memory. I will certainly be back!


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