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Dubrovnik’s Clifftop Bar: Bar Buza

Dubrovnik’s Clifftop Bar: Bar Buza

Hashtag Life Writer May Pham @mayandtravel visits Croatia and tells of the infamous tourist spot for spectacular views, from the Bar known to teeter off cliff tops of the Adriatic coast: Bar Buza

Popular among locals and adventurous tourists as the “hole-in-the-wall” bar, Buža Bar is one of the most beautiful bars in Dubrovnik hanging on the cliffs with the jar-dropping panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea, the Island of Lokrum (home to some Game of Thrones scenes) and the Dalmatian coastline. Although Buza is the only bar located on the sea side of the City Walls, most guidebooks still neglect to mention this amazing venue; therefore it’s a more secluded and private corner for locals, swimmers, and cliff jumpers.

In the old Dubrovnik dialect, buža means “hole”, and quite literally you have to go through a hole in the wall to get to this unique bar. It’s not easy to find this bar because of its hidden location and it can only be found by those who can spot an old wooden sign with an arrow that says “Cold Drinks With The Most Beautiful View“. Most people pass right by this place without ever knowing it existed.

How to find Buza?
Take the baroque staircase up towards St. Ignatius Church, turn left at the top, and then keep walking the opposite direction of the entrance of the church until you see a sign that says “Cold drinks with the most beautiful view.” Follow the arrow and the entrance should be on your left within the next 20-30 meters.

Cliff Diving
Buza’s not only a great spot for beautiful views and seaside drinks. It’s also perfect for swimming, sunbathing and cliff jumping. The brave and the adventurous challenge themselves to take a dive from the cliff locally known as “The lion”.

Sunset Views
The bar itself is delightfully arranged with random seating around the rocks at which guests can linger over cold drinks while enjoying marvelous sunsets. Some visitors prefer to take their drinks and walk down to the ladder connected to the main rock near the water, lay their towels, enjoy their drinks, take a swim in the Adriatic sea, and soak up every moment of that magical sunset.


Café Buza is a beautiful cliff bar in a unique location. It’s a perfect spot for visitors to take break from the tourists-jammed Old Town and the long exhausting City Walk. Just find that mysterious “hole”, duck through an ancient doorway, and lift your head in shock and amazement of the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.

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