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Sun Siyam Iru Veli


Sun Siyam Iru Veli


When you consider that there are up to 840 accommodation options in the Maldives it suddenly feels like a world of it’s own! This is until you come to meet Sun Siyam Iru Veli, one of the premium resorts from the Sun Siyam Resort Collection.

The Maldives is of course best known as a couples paradise, and one of the only sought out honeymoon destination. But the Maldives is by no means for couples-only. For this reason, I often receive messages and questions from honeymooners, bewildered by the sheer variety of choice – not the lack of it! In the name of research, I began to seek out my next visit to the Maldives.


As I dove deep into the turquoise-blue Indian Ocean, my research led me to the collection of Sun Siyam resorts.

For my trip, I wanted to prioritise a balance between laid-back-luxury, relaxation, and the many colours of gastronomy. When you the visit the Maldives, it is safe to say, relaxation is a given. Some people want to switch off, recalibrate and soak up the sun all day, and feel completely cut-off from the world’s distractions. And yet, others want their island experience enriched with endorphin-inducing water sports, diving, excursions and the like to satisfy the adrenaline junkie within. The ideal resort will give you the space to dip in and out of all these options, without feeling misplaced on your holiday.  Whilst I would say Sun Siyam Iru Veli blends luxury relaxation with island chic, there is a healthy variety of activities, sports and excursions, which are available as part of the add-on welcome options. Whilst Sun Siyam has a large portfolio of hotel resorts, we chose Sun Siyam Iru Veli for it’s pristine design, luxurious offering, and ability to tick all of the above boxes.  For the laid-back sun seeker that I intended to be, paradise awaited. 

Sun Siyam Iru Veli is set within its own lagoon in the South Nilandhe Atoll.

Sun Siyam


Sun Aqua Iru Veli Resort is located at a distance of 153 km from Male International Airport. We flew from London to Doha and then onwards to the Maldives with Qatar Airways, and I highly recommend this airline and their Maldives route for the exceptional service, cabin comfort, and favourable layover times. Once at Male International, you will be greeted by a Sun Siyam representative who will escort you to the Sun Siyam lounge, to await your seaplane transfer. The lounge is extremely comfortable and on par with many business class airline lounges. They offer snacks and refreshments as you wait,  with a view overlooking the seaplanes as they take off! The sea plane journey is run by Trans Maldivian Airline, and takes about 40 minutes long to reach Iru Veli.  Whilst this might sound like a lengthy transfer, you have my personal assurance that the experience is smooth, and soothing as you pass over the beautiful atolls en route. The transfer is definitely going to be a perfect beginning to your beautiful vacation at Sun Siyam Iru Veli Resort. There wasn’t a single passenger whose gaze wasn’t glued to the views below.

Arriving at the resort you are speedily welcomed to dig your feet into the white sand at the open air reception overlooking the beautiful Maldivian waters. You’ve arrived in Paradise! Here you will be checked in, and guided through your accommodation, the island, and your itinerary.


Sun Siyam
My favourite aspect at Sun Siyam Iru Veli was that all accommodation is created equally! Presenting a gorgeous blend of traditional Maldivian culture with incredibly stylish modern fitments, these villas are an opportunity for you to rediscover the long lost charm of island life and beautiful nature. That means whether you stay in a Beach Villa Suite or Over Water Villa Suite, each comes with its own beautiful ambience, luxurious design, and most importantly: epic views!  All villas have their own plunge pool. The stunning, doll-house style Beach Villas are sunset facing or sunrise facing; so choose accordingly, directly on the sandy beach. The over-water villas are a little more secluded, with that added touch of intimacy, as they hover over the endless ocean view. I was asked a lot which to choose; and struggled to answer. My advice was if staying for 10 nights to certainly consider a split between the Beach Villas and Over Water Villas in order to experience the best of both worlds.
Sun siyam iru veli



You’ve had a long journey to arrive in Paradise. What better way to reset and relax than to unwind at the 5 star Ocean Spa?

The Ocean Spa takes luxury a step further by welcoming guest to unwind in an over-water plunge pool before their treatments. We were led onto a private deck, with sun beds and the over-water pool with large overhead hydrotherapy shower heads.

The option to spend time looking out at the ocean, relaxing, and massaging your back and shoulders with the hydrotherapy before a treatment, adds an extra element of thoughtfulness luxury I really haven’t experienced at other luxury resorts in the Maldives, and was a welcome treat! The spa uses restorative natural ingredients to help you rebalance body and mind. The spa pavilions are a cocoon of calm, with double massage beds available for couples to enjoy treatments together. 

A variety of local and international massage and treatment options are available, and therapists will take time to tailor your experience to your needs; tackling those stressors and pressure points to lull you into a state of ready relaxation, for the rest of your island holiday.  I highly recommend planning more than one Spa treatment into your itinerary, ahead of your visit, as the Spa is very popular and you will wish you booked two visits once you experience it!

Whilst Sun Siyam Iru Veli welcomes families, it does very well to create a separate ambience for those wishing to experience a “Adults Only” stay. I am unsure how Sun Siyam expertly do this, at one point during my stay I realized that it was only if I looked for families with children that I would spot them, but most of the time in my own day felt an excellent balance of privacy and autonomy. One such way they’ve done so, is through the fun and eclectic Adults Only Fresh Water Beach Bar & Pool. 


Sit and sip your drinks at Fresh Water to the sounds of live DJ, over looking the large pool, a stones throw from the ocean.

This is the recreational venue on the island you will find yourself gravitate toward daily. The Fresh Water Beach Bar has everything; a day to night bar, serving colorful cocktails, coolers and even champagne on your all inclusive board! The colourful bar, is matched with recliners for you to sit and sip your drinks to the sounds of a DJ or excellent playlists, over looking a large pool, dotted with sun beds, a stones throw from the ocean itself. With stunning vistas of shady palm trees, and cocoons-swings to relax in and watch the waves come in, it quickly became my favorite spot on the island. Fresh Water serves all day beach snacks and finger food, but is only a few short steps away from the islands main restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. 



The best laid plans for your holiday in the Maldives, will be the plans you make to indulge in Sun Siyam’s stellar restaurants and dining experiences. 

We had the pleasure of meeting Sous Executive Chef Mo Rahim, who introduced us to the array of experiences the team carefully curates for its guests so they are never bored or out of options. 

Grouper Grill, the hotel’s Seafood restaurant, hosts a weekly Beach Barbecue night which we were fortunate enough to experience on our first evening. Chef Mo and his team lay out a banquet of freshly caught and grilled Lobsters, Prawns, Mussels, as well grilled meats for those who don’t eat seafood. Accompaniments come in the form of salads, and fresh sashimi, with over flowing dessert selections to finish. The best of a Mediterranean diet is presented here with Maldivian influences and the candle lit setting  to the sound of the crashing waves completes the ambience beautifully. 

Aqua Orange is the main restaurant, and presents a different menu each night with several “staples” which are repeated, much to guests pleasure. One such staple is the daily grill station where calamari, prawns, lamb and beef are prepared with a beautiful BBQ char – healthy, hearty and high quality protein options are always available. Another favorite dish I indulged in nearly every night was from their sushi station, at which you will find a huge freshly caught tuna fish on display, with some of the softer thinly  tuna sashimi I have had! Another set of counters will be dedicated to the “theme” of the night, such as Maldivian, Italian or Chinese inspired dishes. This gourmet buffet style restaurant was never disappointing and serves A La Carte quality dishes, with the benefit of tonnes of variety. 

Roma, the Mediterranean restaurant with a more Italian influence is set over the water, for a gorgeous, romantic setting and serves fine dining style A La Carte options such as Carpaccios, Home Made Pastas, as well as Meats and Fish. 

A must try, for any couple celebrating their honeymoon or a special occasion is the private beach dining experience, where the Chef and his team will whip up a deluxe tasting menu of the islands best dishes, including a prime fillet of beef, and the uniquely sweet Maldivian Lobster. Your dining experience paired with beautiful wines will be lovingly served under the stars on the beach, followed by your own private cinema screening on the beach if you wish! 

As for your daily choice of excursions, water sports and activities are made all the more colourful and entertaining, thanks to the energetic team, including Pasha the entertainment co-ordinator and fitness instructor who will tailor classes and activities to your needs; whether you have a group or individual needs; and whether they are for sport and exercise, or fun and relaxation. If you are really lucky, you might even experience Pasha’s incredible fire dancing show one evening, which took our breath away to behold, and makes for a truly unique memory. 

Most of all, during your stay at Sun Siyam, you will feel comfort, indulgence, relaxation, and recalibration. A trip to the Maldives should always deliver these things, and fortunately for guests, Sun Siyam is here to guarantee it. 

There is so much to say about the excellently curated dining experiences at Sun Siyam Iru Veli! 


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