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Galvin At The Athenaeum ~ London

Hashtag Life visits Mayfair’s must-visit fine-dining staple by the Galvin Brothers: Galvin at The Athenaeum Hotel

As soon as you walk into the Galvin restaurant, there is an instant feel of virtual contentment with the brightly lit, chic surroundings and the beautiful centrepiece of sunflowers. The friendly welcome from Miguel and his colleagues only adds to the warm and relaxed ambience. A truly impressive interior which invites you to forget your life stresses, albeit due to the A3 sized menu worth of food awaiting you. You are instantly transported from the outside noise of busy Park Lane to a den of Summer zen to food coma.

After ordering what seems like the entire emoji range of food, the divine smell that then fills the restaurant is a reflection of the talent in bringing this masterpiece menu to life. 



◦The dedham vale beef steak tartare – is made to soft, chilled, and melt-in-the-mouth perfection, with the steak itself hand minced, adding even softer texture than usual.

◦Portland crab & lobster linguini, chilli & coriander is cooked very al dente, and presents a dryer texture to most pasta dishes in order to really highlight the seafood flavours of the shredded crab and lobster meat.

◦Orkney scallops, sweet corn, Portland clams & Devon samphire – this dish luckily comes in a starter and main size; I recommend the latter! The Scallops are extremely tender, whilst the corn adds a subtle chowder flavouring without overpowering the whole dish. 


◦Welsh rump of lamb, ewe’s church, and potato gnocchi, nettle pesto – whilst the ewe’s curd is an acquired taste, it doesn’t take away in the slightest from the succulent, pink and tender lamb fillet pieces. This dish is all about the cooking expertise which could either make or break it – in this case it certainly makes it.

◦Lobster with wild mushrooms and watercress – good old fashioned lobster, presented with chunky chips a la Galvin. The Lobster is cooked perfectly, locking in all its fresh flavours.


◦Alfonso mango cheesecake – the hunt for London’s best cheesecake is relentless, and those chosen to bare this title, are cautionary! However the mango cheesecake at Galvin is a blend of creamy, moreish, and fresh flavours, layered on the most well balanced base between crunch and cake – its truly excellent. A strong contender!

◦The Oak Farm strawberry Eaton Mess adds a feel good factor to round up the meal, as the deconstructed dessert manages to avoid the overly-sweet trap which most Eton Messes tend to fall into!

At the end of what felt like a lifetime of wining and dining, the food coma that has settled in is well worth it (see above). You can blame the restaurant’s impeccable and kind service at your table’s fingertips for ordering triple your stomach size. The incredible staff coupled with the generously portioned, masterfully presented and phenomenally tasting food leaves you with the highest quality experience. It’s official: Galvin at the Athenaeum is a  central city gem amongst hotel restaurants that we highly recommend and cannot wait to return to.



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