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Le Grand Hotel ~ Cannes

Le Grand Hotel ~ Cannes

Hashtag Life visits one of Cannes’ most timely hotels on ‘La Croisette’, that holds a Michelin Star title, and channels the chicest of styles for a stay in the French Riviera.

Whilst ‘Le Grand Hotel’ translates to ‘The Great Hotel’ and not ‘the grand’ – neither of these adjectives alone do this hotel of ultimate and quintessential Riviera charm, justice.

I had visited Le Grand a few years ago; and missed so many qualities which instantly jumped out at me on my arrival last month. For example, the retro 60s, hacienda, pastel colours, summer house and minimalist designs all rolled into one. It invokes a deep sense of reminiscence for, and familiarity with, eras past, without being dated, but garnishing every design aspect with two primarily French finishings; the chic and the classy. Admittedly, on my last visit, I had been charging for Le Park 45, the Michelin Starred restaurant spearheaded by Chef Poard, who reinvents the menu each month (either much to your sadness or glee, depending on how bad you are, like me, of letting go of your favourite dishes) His cuisine is described as “contemporary yet authentic, delicate yet generous.’

It is also, just like the hotel’s title, so much more than this. It is an experience which feels as though it is introducing you to fine dining for the first time; and you are tantalised. It is light, fun and unpretentious. It invokes your curiosity and appreciation with every dish, and each dish always delivers.

The Chef Patissier, M Pascal Picasse (I know, I know, what a name!) is also of sky-worthy praise, as his creations prove the true artistry amongst Patisserie Chefs, and his passion for this art trickles through the sweet flavours of each aesthetically perfect pieces of dessert. We are, after all, in France. 

The hotel’s appeal, extends even beyond its doors as well. The first term that comes to mind once you’ve spent anything from mere minutes to a day at La Plage 45, the hotel’s all day beach club, is: refreshing. It is refreshingly upbeat, young, fun, and friendly for any Croisette regulars in Cannes. Team members who will greet and take care of you, including Caroline and Khalid, add to the welcoming and relaxing tone of this well apportioned, spacious beach club. The beach club also hosts the all day restaurant Beefbar, which also resides in Dubai, Mexico, Hong Kong, Berlin and Monaco! As the name suggests, the Beefbar features a range of meet from across the world, including Argentine Angus, Marble Reserve from Australia, and (of course?!) Kobe and Miyazaki beef from Japan. Add the elegance and bohemian flair of the entire setting, and you’ll find yourself juxtaposed between the hotel and its beach, turning yourself anxiously from one direction to the other, unsure which of the two you can bare part with for a few hours. You may think I am exaggerating; but I dare you to visit and feel any differently. 

If you are looking for a casual and classy atmosphere to recline and relax into; retreat into your home for the evening back at the hotel. If you are looking for a more electric spark to your day; visit La Plage 45. 

The hotel offers something, that not all its co-residents on the coveted La Croisette in Cannes, can boast: space. The hotel’s plush and manicured gardens welcome pets, families and children alike offering cool and shaded seating to enjoy your afternoon or evening drink, and people watch, or take in a minute of calm.

The hotel’s best offering in terms of rooms, are of course their sea view suites, for their contemporary design and large sweeping balconies, however a double room alone at the hotel is ample in size, beautifully laid out with the same crisp and refreshing interiors as higher category rooms.


Watch our video at Plage 45:


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