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Loews Hotel ~ Luxury in Miami Beach

Hashtag Life takes a trip to the Art Deco side, and reviews the perfectly balanced hotel to embody Miami Beach’s many charms

Oh for all the decorate history Miami embodies. A metropole runs parallel to a beach-front city which itself hosts over a century of uncanny development into the sunny centre for art that it is unanimously known as today.

Whether reflective of the Art Deco era which birthed them in the 1930s, or the Miami-Vice years which celebrated and revived them in the 80s – Miami’s south beach properties and hotels are some of the most iconic and memorialised real estate of modern day America. Amongst the famous strip of Miami Beach hotels, we chose Loews Miami Beach for it’s oceanfront luxury, and masterful balance of accessibility and amenability with privacy and seclusion.

Whilst Miami Beach can be viewed as ‘party-central’, Loews carries itself in such a way as to nod to the parties, buzz, and ecclectisism of its neighbours, whilst guaranteeing its holiday-makers and business-visitors alike, a level of seclusion and sophistication which allows you to retire to your hotel in style and comfort at the end of an exciting day in Miami. Combine with this, one of the cities best seafood restaurants, amid no dearth of excellent gastronomy in Miami, the hotel runs in such a way to efficiently deliver luxury stays in a busy, demanding, and over-subscribed all-year destination. 

Located on the primely positioned Collins Avenue, and following a $50 Million renovation, Loews Miami Beach hotel offers, but is not limited to, the following amenities:

The rooms we viewed, and stayed in, married art-deco design with modern crispness, and offered balcony views over the palm-tree tattooed pools that precede a stunning ocean view to the west, and a city and skyscraper clad background to the east. 


The “SOAK’ Day Beds are set upon a partitioned platform on an expansive, and beautifully run pool, with private daybeds and all day service. The miles-long beach of unparalleled sandy-width, offers beach beds and umbrellas to Loews beds, completing the conundrum of whether to spend your day under the ocean sun, or poolside – both exceeding expectations in the idyllic relaxation they seamlessly deliver. 

The polished delivery of the hotels amenities extends to its conference and business capacities, as you will see trails of professionals follow beach-goers at the check-in queues, in complete normalcy – this is Miami after all.

Lures fishbar and restaurant is a destination in itself, and one we received many recommendations to visit, even if we weren’t going to be staying at Loews Hotel. From soft melt-in-the-mouth appetisers such as tuna tostadas, to gourmandise main plates such as crab-stuffed buttered dorade, the entire menu delivers sea-fare in a valuable, moreish, and well-cooked and traditional heartiness. 

The hotel’s emphasis on gastronomy doesn’t stop there – in fact, it was the first Loews property to herald the ‘Flavors’ experience which takes pride in serving up the best local flavors of talented chefs which go beyond farm-totable movements by weaving native ingredients into restaurant menus, partnering with local artisans and talents. Beginning with the Miami property, the result was a delivery of diverse culture of the destination, whether in-room, poolside or dining al fresco on the terrace of Preston’s Market – and I can personally say, breakfast was an event in itself for me which I looked forward to daily, and had me unable to even think of consuming any more food until dinner time!

As such a vast brand – many of the Loews hotels position themselves as main competitors in the luxury hotel brand space, but the Miami hotel, with its boutique feel, but conference-size capacities, has simply cemented itself as a uniquely memorable hotel I would visit time and time again, without want for anything more.




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