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Best Technology of 2023

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As proud Millenials and Gen-Zers there’s nothing we take more seiriously than our modern day tech! With that said, the market is just too saturated now, with everything you can imagine becoming digitized! We still need to feel like humans, not robots, so we’ve selected our top picks in the current technology world, that still embrace a sense of individuality, creativity, and autonomy for the lucky recipient.


Apple need no introduction and are sure to put a smile on every tech-lover’s face! Topping the list of is the new generation iPhone 14 and 14 Pro series.

With the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus boasting the best batter life ever on iPhones, as well as a new main camera and improved image processing, allowing you to capture even more sensational shots in all kinds of lighting, with signature stunning sleek designs, and added durability, the new generation iPhones maintain affordability at £35.30 starting prices through the plans available directly at Apple.

We’ve gone one step further and opted for the iPhone 14 Pro, which upgrades the finest iPhone camera offering with more pixels, a larger sensor, and a new video stabilization system. Having put the new camera to the test, we are blown away already. This is a camera I would gladly substitute for my professional camera on my travels, without feeling the difference. It’s adaptability in all light environments is fantastic, and the in-depth video quality incredible. For any photography fan, the iPhone 14 Pro has finally delivered what we always suspected Apple was ever so slightly holding back on with each generation of phone – perfection!

Apple have also raised the bar yet again in the world of smart watches with the Apple Watch Series 8. Your essential companion is now even more powerful. Introducing temperature sensing for deeper insights into women’s health. Crash Detection to get help in an emergency. Sleep stages to better understand your sleep. And new ways to train in the enhanced Workout app. The future of health never looked so good with Apple Watch Series 8


One of Samsung’s most well loved, and fashion-topping phones, has returned: the Z-Flip 4! The Fourth Generation model comes with a sleeker design – not that we thought it was possible with this folding, compact, tech-topping design of dreams! It also comes with a larger 3,7000mAh battery for longer life, and in a range of fantastic new colours.

The Flip 4 has a pair of 12MP rear cameras, consisting of a main unit with an f/1.8 aperture, alongside a 123-degree (f/2.2) ultrawide lens. Nightography on the advanced camera is greatly improved with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and Video Digital Image Stabilisation (VDIS) so that shaky images and videos will become an aesthetic option, not by default. The FlexCam supports angles between 75° and 115° to make your content creation for social media feed stand out from your peers.

The 6.7in display is the same as the previous version, with a resolution of 2,640 x 1,080 and a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. It also comes with 8GB of RAM and a choice of either 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of storage.

As one of the best designed phones in the market, this is a device for both tech and fashion lovers! You can choose custom frame and back color pairings for  your Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition. Available on and at Samsung’s Experience Stores, there are 75 combinations for users to mix and match. Whatever combination you opt for, Bespoke Edition models pack in 256GB of storage!

Launch colors include Graphite, Pink Gold, Bora Purple, and Blue, as well as the ability to mix and match both back colors and frame finishes in certain markets, if you pick up the Bespoke Edition.


Working from home is here to stay, and so should functional, organised and compact phone stands and chargers! Enter the 3 in 1 Twelve South HiRise charging stand, a sleek, efficient ihpone, Apple watch and Airpod charger – that charges all 3 devices simultaneously!

A useful gift for die-hard Apple fans, available in black or white, the elegant vertical design of the HiRise 3 allows users to charge all three devices while taking up less desk space than an iPhone, and using only one single plug. It’s the perfect solution for freeing nightstands and desks from the clutter of numerous charging cables. 

HiRise 3 holds an iPhone upright while charging, allowing users to easily read notifications, tap the snooze button or make a FaceTime call – all without having to lift their phone. Its elevated charging pad is reserved for MagSafe iPhones, and is also compatible with MagSafe cases. The base pad charges any wireless-capable AirPods, iPhones and smartphones, and is compatible with thin shells. The small shelf at the top of HiRise 3 is compatible with all versions of Apple Watch.

We love it, and recommend it as a great tech-lover’s gift to keep your desktops looking oh-so-organised and sleek!


We’re always looking for creative ways to get the most professional, stabilised looking content on our travels, days out, and even when out with friends and family, and celebrating fun occasions! That’s why the AI-powered Pivo Pod has turned our heads. Here is a gadget sure to take your videos, photos, and selfies to a new level of professionalism, with the help of it’s dedicated, easy to use app too!

Ideal for teens and content creators, the Pivo Pod Lite, in conjunction with the Pivo + app, turns a phone into your personal camera crew. Powered by AI technology, the Pivo mount, which can rotate 360 degrees, automatically tracks your face and body movements, following you at all times and zooming in and out to make sure you’re always in focus and in the frame. Capturing high-quality video and images with minimal effort, you no longer have to worry about the camera rattling, shaking or if the person filming you has missed the best shot.


The Pivo Play app enables you to be even more creative thanks to its 12 quick create modes. From ‘Many Me’ which takes multiple pictures of you in different positions within the same frame and ‘Magic Edge’ which stitches two video together side by side to ‘Clone Trail’ which creates copies of you within the same video, Pivo makes it easy to create playful, share-worthy content without any editing experience.

Pivo Lite comes in six different colours and accessories such as tripods, a remote control, a smart mount and protective cases are also available.


We’re sure you’ve heard of the cool new-age notebooks that allow stationary lovers to take notes the good old traditional way; with pen and pad, whilst still allowing you to upload your notes to the cloud for permanent storage. But have you ever heard of a notebook that you reset to scratch, by popping it in the microwave?! Well, we’ve found one! And it’s just as interesting as it sounds! 

The Rocketbook Wave provides the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook, while instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. When you use Pilot FriXion pens with the Wave notebook, you can erase your notes using your microwave oven and reuse your notebook. Available in 2 sizes – each book comes with one pen.

The Rocketbook Wave is the world’s first microwavable notebook! It combines the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook with the ability to easily upload notes to the cloud using a smartphone. When the notebook is full however, rather than wipe each page clean with a damp cloth, simply put it in the microwave with a mug of water and erase all notes at once. Making it easy to tell when the pages are clear, the logo on the cover will turn from dark to light with the whole process taking less than three minutes. The Wave comes in two sizes (standard and executive).

Rocketbook notebooks are available as a range of books – from diaries and planners, to fusion notebooks with various templates for multiple topics or record-keeping styles, they’ve thought of everything!

We’ve never read so many rave reviews on a smart-notebook and so had to give it a try ourselves. The versatility, ease of use, and dependability of the entire Rocketbook range are a must try for any stationary lover – you’ll be hooked!


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