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A Finnish Fairytale Trip of a Lifetime with Moomin

A Finnish Fairytale Trip of a Lifetime with Moomin

The Creators of new animation MOOMIN are offering fans the Ultimate Adventure with a once in a lifetime trip and Moomin experience in Finland!

Everyone growing up in the last half century will remember Moomin. And before that makes you feel old ~ let me remind you that there is nothing more youthful than allowing your favourite story time characters to come alive. This year,  an exciting creative team  are doing exactly that by developing a new Moomin animation for television. What’s more, they’re giving every Moomin fan and avid traveller the chance to take part in a breath-taking money-cant-buy experience in Finland, including a stay at the famous Iglu hotels in Levi, and exclusive tour of Moomin-creator Tove Jansson’s studio, as well as all the adventure packed activities you would expect from the ultimate trip to Finland including ice-fishing, cross-country skiing, and swimming in stunning local ice lakes.

So how can you take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity? Moomin have asked all fans to pledge their support for the upcoming television animation, which will look to revive Moomin as an animation for today’s generation, via their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page. Backers will receive perks per pledge ranging from bespoke Moomin memorabilia to special Lumi- designed handbags and backpacks, invitations to the exclusive fan premiere party, the opportunity to have their own artistic designs featured in the upcoming TV series, to finally: the exclusive and all-inclusive trip to Finland to follow in Moomin’s footsteps. All of these perks will not be available to the public once the campaign is closed ~ so will form a unique and rare collection of memorabilia.


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Refer friends and fans of Moomin and receive discounts, Moomin books, character-inspired backpacks designed by Lumi, and more!

Don’t miss the ULTIMATE PERK ~ The Moomin Experience in Finland

The beloved Moomintroll and his co-characters are being revived into a new television animation, carving their way into coming generations as they near their 75 year diamond anniversary. As an adult who jumps at any opportunity to reignite my inner child, this innovation is a truly special idea. I have all too often thought of how I would wish to share all my favourite childhood toys, characters, fairytales and even fear of monsters, with my children only to realise that todays world, and indeed tomorrow’s is far too different and evolving to that which we grew up in. History seems to become history far too quickly now. Each episode of the new series will be based on the original Moomin stories, meaning you can relive childhood memories of your own, whilst joining your little ones as they create theirs! The creative team for the new animated TV series will consist of Oscar-Winning director Steve Box (the man behind Wallace and Gromit: The curse of the Were-Rabbit!) Marika Makaroff, the award winning executive producer behind shows such as The Apprentice and Got Talent, and John Woolley, the ex-Aardman, BAFTA and International Emmy-winning 2D/3D producer. The animation will employ a new, innovative 2D/3D hybrid technique which will stay loyal to the original graphics and minimalist illustrations of Moomin, whilst bringing to life the Moominvalley characters with all their wonderful colours and details.

So if, like me, you believe in the magic of the imagination, and of the creativity we can inspire in both children and adult’s minds alike, and you would like to help support Moomin’s dream of continuing that legacy then here is what you can do:

One way to be involved in Moomin’s campaign is to purchase the exclusive perks, available only during this Indiegogo-campaign or by donating money by clicking the pink “back it” button next to the pitch video. However, if you wish to help but cannot support the project financially, there are a lot of things you can do!

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